Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking

As a motorcycle owner, I would bet money this bike was moved by the owner right after this picture was taken.

3... 2... 1... Bike gets ran over because the guy was obviously an asshole.

They should put a steel bollard on the white line. Bikes can still park there, but cars can't.

100% agree

Not exactly sure what a bollard is but context gives a good hint. And I 100% agree.


Bollard equals post.

Specifically one of these .

Specifically one of .

I hope he has a GoPro hiding somewhere. He will need the evidence for his insurance claim.

with the size of that bike wouldn't that damage the car a lot.

The SUV is parked in motorcycle only parking. Who is the bigger asshole here?

There should be too many things in that subreddit

Also you don't know who parked first

I think it's pretty fucking obvious who parked first.