Moto G 2015 to be included in Moto Maker

Moto G 2015 to be included in Moto Maker

damn i was a hater on that metal bar on the g but hmmm looks dope, especially the maroon - champagne one on bottom left. only complaint is why moto, why must you leave the ugly ugly ugly mesagging icon on, why not use google messenger, its sooo much prettier

As reported earlier, with 2GB RAM and DTV options too in Motomaker for Moto G >

Edit: added more info

We demand 2GB RAM and a Snapdragon 615.

I think that's equivalent to "You're right, so there's actually no excuse to charge $350, but I still want to hold my pride so I'll just answer this shitty phrase.".

Idol 3 is $250 with surprisingly good speakers, a nice 1080p display and the SD615 with 2GB of RAM.

If they're not going to significantly update the internals of the G (which seems to be the case), it seems like pushing the design and Moto Maker is the only way to really compete with the new budget competition.

Gotta say, though, the strips on their new models seem to have a higher "ugly possibility value" than the previous accent options. Colors that looked decent when used sparingly on the X 2014 look worse as a big solid block. The colors make the strip look even cheaper, in my opinion. It also looks like the sides and front colors are locked again, which bums me out.

Still looking forward to the X 2015, but I'm just not as hyped as I was before any of the leaks.

There's no reason to assume anything, it might even be available globally the hour it launches. Nobody fucking knows

ohhh please.....

I will be needing a GSM phone soon, getting off of sprint... Would love to get a G or the new Nexus (pending price).

Cmon 2gb...

Please don't let it be a giant of a phone. IMO the original Moto G and X had the ideal sizes, being essentially the only sub 5-inch devices that ran clean near-stock Android.

US only I presume?