Motivation is ableist

Motivation is ableist


I'd give an arm and a leg to look like that.

Because people who are disabled can't get ripped?



this guy

Motivation is ableist, you say? Go ahead and tell this to

Also, if everyone can't be everything, no one can be anything.

This is ableist and kind of gross tbh

I remember one time a female friend told to me "I would kill to look like X celebrity". I asked her if she was willing to kill but not to workout and eat healthier. The stare was brutal.


Having a dad is white privilege.

Reminds me of someone I know, an elementary school teacher who was born with no arms. She does everything with her feet, including writing. her handwriting (footwriting?) is actually really good.

This isn't it.

it would be for instance not having a wheelchair ramp in a building and saying that weelchair bound people can go up stairs like anyone.

Lack of motivation is not a real handicap, i am sure we all suffer from it from time to time (I know I do), but you have to get over that shit and just do it. It sounds stupid, but it works.

But all you need to give up is fatty foods and a bit of free time each day dedicated to the gym.


You mean mommy, dads are patriarchs and evil. /s

Thanks Syndrome.

Having a dad is triggering to children of lesbian parents.

What the fuck is "ableist"? It seems like everyday I find a new word made up by some idiot.

Umm excuse me, he's only missing an arm and a leg. Real disabled people have none of their limbs, shitlord. Also, he's a white cis male which cancels out his "disability".

Wait, unfair discrimination against disabled people exists, and it's not absurd to have a word for that. The fact that SJWs see it everywhere doesn't mean the concept itself is stupid.

Reasonable white dudes can understand that racism and sexism exist without being ashamed about their race and gender. Same goes for ableism and being able-bodied.

Why should someone be allowed to do something I'm not capable of?

Lack of motivation is a symptom of depression. It's very real and extremely difficult to overcome. That said, this post is stupid. Might as well call any post encouraging people to do anything ableist because depression. And got milk posters because some people are lactose intolerant. And those "eat a snickers" commercials because peanut allergies.

Is "kind of gross" a SJW buzzword? I seem to keep reading it here.

Stop triggering me with your male power fantasies shitlord. /s

Having no dads is triggering to children of gay parents.

Yes. Gross is an SJW word basically, if you see somebody using it then assume they are an SJW unless proven otherwise.

How does he get symmetry like that with one arm? Mirin'

Umm, no? Shut up? Real disabled people are autistic and have borderline? I'm totally dissociating because of your oppresion?

Depression is obviously real and hard to overcome, but it's certainly possible. Especially with help, which many self-dxing tumblrinas refuse to seek.

You might be interested in reading about this man

So, in other words, I should be ashamed because I am a physically, fully-functioning, guy? That's enough internet for me tonight.

EDIT: physically, fully-functioning, hetero, cis, white male... Goddamn when I finish school and graduate and become an engineer, I'm going to be the epitome of what Tumblrinas hate.

I hate how these people use hashtags. "#like i appreciate the sentiment" is not a useful hashtag. No one is going to search Tumblr for "like i appreciate the sentiment".

This is actually a way for them to add a ancillary text to their post without that text being shared. Tags aren't shown on reblogs, so writing a second half of the post in the tags ensures that only people reading the post off your specific blog can see that second half

:v Something something Rin Tezuka.

Well, it is the next logical step...

Holy shit he can butter my muffin any day of the week

There it goes


Gone in the wind


-A blind person on the Internet

It's not a discussion about skillful disabled people without bringing up Katawa Shoujo.

prejudice against disabled people, basically.

I wouldn't say it's quite #killallmen level hatred, just a healthy distaste & animosity.

There's nothing logical with going from having a bit of fun, to spewing hatred.

You don't need to give up any foods. it's something called MODERATION.

Also low fat foods are awful for weight loss. Fatty foods are what you need, as long as they aren't transfat foods.

And you think the SJW's started at #killallmen level?

No. It was healthy distaste, and after a time in an echo chamber the feelings of animosity grew.

I'll agree that this sub isn't as bad as they are yet, but it's heading that way and fast.

As someone with legitimate depression, there are some days when I'm absolutely just being a lazy piece of shit and other days where I just feel it's impossible to get moving. It's pretty easy to discern the difference.

Fucker's holding a teacup with his feet. That is skill.

As someone who's actually visually impaired, I know this, I was just trying to be funny.


That was a brilliant reply on your part.

assuming the only gay parents are female.

How can you be so sexist?

Yeah I'm guilty of that. I don't want to add my personal comments to a post because nobody cares what I have to say, so I use the tags. Also, tags are searchable on an individual's blog as well, so there may be some long tag that they use on every post on their blog of that nature.

You know, it's the part where you made a completely legitimate criticism of this kind of rhetoric, and got downvoted.

This used to be a space where people discussed the objective reality that Tumblrinas reject and had moderate to progressive discussions about the need for actual equality instead of enforced SJW supremacy.

Also, the joking. It used to be funny, or point out double standards, instead of just being hate-filled invective.

But yeah. This subreddit has recently become a digital rendition of the Two Minutes of Hate. Just angry, morally-superior-for-no-practical-reason, pointless snarling at the Internet SJW Goldstein.

The opposite of SJW used to be "rational human being," not "anti-SJW." The opposite of overly-dramatic SJW rhetoric used to be reasoned discourse, not overly-dramatic attacks against confused teenagers on the internet. The opposite of Feminist used to be egalitarian, not misogynist.

I'll take my downvotes, unsubscribe, and join you.


Rin Tezuka (from Katawashoujo wikia):

As an artist, Rin is an extremely creative person, and equally philosophical; it is not uncommon to spot her lost in thought, or giving voice to abstract opinions on man, the universe, and so on. She is not particularly skilled with words, and has difficulty conveying her ideas to others. For Rin, art is the preferred method of communication, and she uses her work as a visual display of her thoughts. Interesting: Rin Tezuka/Image Gallery | Rin's route | Rin's route/Image Gallery | Art club

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"Because the opposite of female is male, and all men are created evil so it's fine."

Like, I get that social justice can be misguided but the assumption that all are fat, disgusting, and lazy... does that not bother anyone else?

It's more of an immature teenage girl buzzword...but the SJW population and teenage girl population tend to be pretty mixed.

Just like the fact that men are all rapist misogynists?

Just like all white people are privileged?

Just like all black men are thieves?

Hating a group over a stereotypes is exactly what SJW's and racists have in common...and now people here seem to be intent on joining them.

They just need to blame the fact that they're not where they want to be in life on anyone but themselves.

Depends on the type of disability. I have muscular dystrophy... no matter how much I exercise I'll still get weaker. Luckily I don't have the worst kind of MD and can still exercise what I've got, but I'll never be ripped.

Uh, everyone knows REAL disabled people are just mentally disabled. That's where the REAL ableism is! Fucking neurotypicals. /s

Wait wait wait... Did you use speech to text to write


Did you say every letter out loud?

As someone with depression, you can definitely overcome the motivation hurdle. But you have to keep in mind realistic goals and take things one step at a time.

When you're depressed, it's really easy to say "I can't look amazing, I can't get straight A's, I should just stay in bed and not try." Instead of focusing on all the big stuff like that, the stuff you can't do right now, you have to focus on what you can do. You can't get an A today but maybe you can do a few pages of the reading. You can't pay off your debt today but maybe you can check Craigslist for job postings. And if even that stuff is too much-- you can take a shower or get dressed or eat something.

The more you force yourself to do these little things, the easier it will get. This is how you pull yourself out of the cycle. Recognize your difficulties and set goals according to your own abilities, not the abilities of others. Realize that every tiny thing you do is a victory.

This might be straying from the topic a little, but I think it's important to mention this stuff in every conversation about motivation and depression.

He looks alright.

Or he could have, y'know, hit the keyboard a lot. I'm sure he still has one of those.

Which is ultimately fine because we do hate SJWs.

Ofc not as seriously as the tards at /sub/theredpill but thats not the point.