Yes. This visually represents exactly what it’s like.

Yup, you basically lay on the floor while the role of motherhood sucks the lifeblood out of you. But hey, at least the kids are ok right?

For me it was the feeling of being 100% overwhelmed with how much I loved this tiny thing I made, combined with the overwhelming realization that I had absolutely no f’ing clue what I was doing. Still feel that way actually.

It looks like she's shouting, "Father, why have you forsaken me?"

Eeeyep Id never held a baby and both my husband and I are only children. They put her in our arms and we said "holy shit we have to keep this alive?!'


And as a Dad sometimes, you just stand there wondering what the crap do I do



can i just point out that this cat is extremely happy?

is that okay? does that ruin the joke?

first, she's flat on her back, which means shes incredibly comfortable with her surroundings. cat belly is vulnerable as fuck, exposing her belly like this means she has not the slightest scrap of anxiety. she is in a safe, warm place and has no fears about her safety, or the safety of her children.

second, that half-lidded expression means she's let her guard down, which also means this cat has no fear or anxiety because she knows she's completely safe.

finally, look at her front paws: she's kneading the air. that is a massive sign of total contentment.

this cat loves her home, loves her babies and fully trusts her environment and everything in it.

if this photo was a video, you'd hear thunderous purring.

so, you know. yeah.

this cat's super fucking happy, yo.

A lot of people think that 'motherly instinct' thing is there... I swear it's not. Fist bump for keeping the kiddos alive and safe

Came here to post this as I have no original thoughts.

I is milk rug meow

I'm just glad we haven't dropped our child no more than 3 times.


MotHeR Cat iS VioLeNTlY MurDeReD By HeR oWN ChILdReN

That grey one is adorably chunky.

This SOAD reference was all I needed out of a thread that started as a cat picture

husband and I are only children

Boy did I read that wrong at first. Now I get it. 😀

As a father of a 4-year-old, I'd wish someone had trained me to be more wary of the multiple ways you can be accidentally whacked in the groin area.

Came here to post this as I have no original thoughts.

can i just point out that this cat is extremely happy?

Keep fighting the good fight!

Such a happy kitty :)

I'm an only child too, plus I'm anxious in general, and those things combined made having a newborn feel like I was the constant nurse for a critical patient that might die at any moment lol he's a toddler now so I'm used to him trying to die constantly, it's not as stressful as the beginning 😂


Source: I'm a mom

Lol I have training and experience dealing with children ages 0-5 I still feel like I would be overwhelmed by motherhood.

Knock on wood

“... fuck”

Actually dropped? Only once or twice (per child) but they have a way of mastering the art of finding the floor when you turn your back for 5 secs. I think the “saved from falling” times outweigh the “actually dropped” times. At least I hope so.

God's way of making only children.

Came here to post this as I have no original thoughts.

Fun fact: the song was originally named "Suicide", then "Self-right-Chop Suey-cide", before eventually becoming just "Chop Suey".

wherever someone is mistaking contentedness and trust for anxiety and anger in cats, i'll be there

man i am like the lamest superhero ever

Came here to post this as I have no original thoughts.

I thought the exact same thing. A kitty making air-muffins is a very happy kitty indeed.

So he knocked on his child's head

“And here I am, accepting of this life. What happened? I was supposed to be a doctor... I left my studies to have fun and party now... I’m here, wallowing in my....”

Give birth to kittens, they said. It's a great idea they said...


My mom cried when she found out she was pregnant with me because my brother from a very early age was trying to die. At 2 he could scale an entertainment stand (or anything else that was tall) but now he's only 5'9" and afraid of heights 😂😂

How many times have you dropped yours? I hear everyone gets at least 5 before they are considered bad parents.

Came here to post this as I have no original thoughts.


It is going to eat and drink like that for the rest of its life.

Really?!!! That cat gets her life back in 6-8 weeks!

It's morning over here, so the day is just getting started!

So doing alright so far. Glad to hear you're doing good.

Any plans today?

How's it going?

I’m happy this cat is happy 😃

I stayed home with my daughter for the first 8 months and never once felt that way but everyone is different.

Pretty good. You?

My nipples are sucked raw and I'm pulling my hair out. I'm fine, thanks for asking. Meow run along.

That's actually a Scottish Fold's happy expression.

I come from a huge family with a ton of babysitting experience, and I still felt that "Holy shit we have to keep this alive?!" terror. Still feel that way a few years later, although at least he's able to get his own snacks now.


My husband has been hit in the bits so many times that he started wearing a cup when he was on lone parental duty. Three boys=lots of nut shots.