Morning Philly!

Morning Philly!

This sub has had the best god damn pictures in the last few months.

Great picture! But please tell me you weren't standing in the middle of the tracks. Cause that's hella dangerous.

Just for clarification as someone else pointed out how dangerous it is to get on the tracks, this picture was taken by a friend of mine who works for Septa and was supposed to be on the tracks at the time. Just a beautiful shot and I wanted to share. I believe he posted it himself to the South Silly Facebook group. Don't climb tracks kids! Remember, Safety Third!

Is it because cell phone cameras are improving, or are there just a bunch of really talented photographers hanging out on this sub?

I recognize this view. OP was standing at the front of the train. Shot was taken through the window next to the Engineer's cab.

No, it's the Norristown High Speed Line /s

Gotta get the front seat!

A friend of mine took it. He works for Septa.

60th Street. I recognize the pink building. It's the Welfare Office at 58th and Market. I used to work there.

is the on the MFL?

I don't know what it is, but pictures like this fill my heart with love for my city.