Mormons need not shy away from evolution, says BYU biologist

Mormons need not shy away from evolution, says BYU biologist

So, I'm 42.

I've never heard anyone in my generation have any issues with Evolution.

Is this just older church members, i.e. baby boomers, or people wanting to cherry pick old commentary as a stumbling block?

I'm younger and I've heard anti-evolution rhetoric from the pulpit. At 14 I heard a member of the stake presidency based his talk around the evils of darwinism. When I later asked the bishop about it, he confirmed that evolution was indeed false. When I asked my mom about it, she pulled out Mormon Doctrine and also confirmed that evolution was false. Now I'm in grad school studying molecular evolution and I'm so grateful I'm active in the church despite the ignorant (though innocent) counsel of my spiritual leaders.

As a molecular biologist, I have never heard any scientific evidence that goes against evolution. I'm not saying you have to believe it, I'm not saying that definitely 100% humans evolved from apes, but to my knowledge there are no scientifically supported arguments to believe otherwise.

"the trib reeee!"

"the trib reeee!"

I imagine anyone around during McConkie's days would more likely be staunchly against it. Plus however long those views remained present in the members.

God works in mysterious ways. Who are we to limit His methods? I don't think evolution was the means by which mankind was brought about on the earth, but I certainly dont think I'm qualified to say it wasn't so!

A Pew Forum poll from a decade ago show that 21 percent of Latter-day Saints agreed with the statement that “evolution is the best explanation for life on Earth.” In 2014, however, another Pew survey found nearly 50 percent believed in some form of evolution.

Great example of how important wording on surveys can be. Different wordings will give different results.

There are scientific arguments against evolution which I think make a lot of sense.

No there are not. Without evolution (including macro and micro, if there is such a distiction), nothing makes sense, not our cellular make up, not vaccines, not penicillin, not oil and gas, not anything in medicine. There is no explanation that fits the mountain of observables better than evolution... We can watch it happening in species with short generations.

And we are able to utilize our understanding to do a lot of good.

Should have gone for the gold and just called it "philosophies of men mingled with scripture" LOL!

Bad title for a nice article.

Also inb4 "the trib reeee!" Let's leave that at the door and discuss the article on its own merits, shall we?

I’m curious what credentials you may have that qualify you to make a judgement that there are scientific grounds to reject evolution. On what peer reviewed literature do you base your claims? What peer review communities produce sufficient research to justify doubting one of the most productive scientific theories ever? I’m truly curious what possible scientific reason you could have to make such claims.

It is not cool to talk about a person's worth in terms of their belief.

But telling people who accept current scientific consensus that they must be lesser believers that the Church only does not teach the "truth" to keep them in definitely is not shaming.

you can't ignore what the leading researchers in evolution are saying to themselves.

I can when you don't provide citations. Why are the evolutionary biologists I know never talking about this new research?

I mean, you're not obligated to provide sources, this is just a random Internet comments page. But it would help convince a lot of people if you could show these influential new results that have the whole field running scared.

science works by consensus, not personal belief. If he claims that "there are scientific arguments against evolution," then he should have no problem producing those arguments in the term BuckUte asked for.

Ah, Mormon Doctrine. It really ought to have been titled Anything But. There are some wonderful doctrinal gems in there mixed in with McConkie's personal opinions.