More NPC Theory: The "Smug Shimmy"

More NPC Theory: The "Smug Shimmy"

Democrats and leftist NPCs who are being interrogated or confronted on something are usually only programmed with a few vocal responses. The problem with vocal only responses is that most real people combine body language with their words to convey sincerity.

The programmers of the left wing NPC experience typically dont understand the importance of this combined expression, and even if they did, it is incredibly hard to match words and actions for most interactive human substitutes. Due to this difficulty and a general lack of knowledge, you might notice that these NPCs have a tendency to recycle expressions.

While genuine heartfelt emotion and a sense of being "real" usually involves multiple emotions and expressions at once, a short cut was installed that tries to match the vocal markers as they occur. If the vocal programming is supposed to elicit a "sad", "happy", or "angry" response, the NPC will typically function properly. This brings us to the emotions that are mixed and the resulting errors. Things like "chagrin", "wounded pride", and "Smug" are combinations of the three primary emotions. As such, they cause a temporary reset of the Emotional Response Record (or ERR).

ERR reset splits the three emotions based on a factor of importance, which is expressed as a quick back and forth motion of the shoulders as the breaks between each emotion play out. This is most easily to spot during the vocal expression for "smug", which pulls from Happy and Angry at an interval of about .25 seconds from input reception.

Notable Smug Shimmy glitches:

Hillary Clinton in the presidential debates

Peter Strozck in the Congressional inquiry

Christine Blasey-Ford in the Supreme Court nomination hearing.

I am sure that leftist programmers will eventually get this worked out in a way that doesnt immediately disgust the people witnessing it. They probably just need more women in tech to really dig into ways that they can better simulate complex emotions without such a viable sign of artificial human composites.