More Americans Move to Norway Than the Other Way Around

More Americans Move to Norway Than the Other Way Around

895 people emigrated from the U.S. to Norway, while only 502 went the other way

One of which has a population over 300 million while the other has a population just over 5 million.

Statistically and per capita, a far greater number of Norwegians are immigrating to the US.

Perhaps its a mistake to consider the size of the source rather than the size of the destination;

That is, the US being much larger there would be far more job opportunities, places to live and so on. Whit a population of 5 million there would be far less opportunities in Norway so one would expect that. And to add to that Norway is much more expensive.

Point is; there is probably far more Norwegians who have the opportunity and reason to move to the US who aren't taking it than there are Americans who decline the opportunity. I would guess near a 100% Americans who have had a realistic opportunity and reason to move did so while only a fraction a norwegians are.

You mean to tell me that a country with a population smaller than the u.s. state of Minnesota sent less people than a country of over 320 million? Stop the presses!

As much as I'm appalled by Trump's recent statements, this is the proper response to this kind of post. This kind of slant on facts is exactly what gets us Americans into these shithole situations

There are almost as many people of Norwegian descent in America as there are people in Norway.

There are 4.5 million people of Norwegian descent in America. How many people of American descent are there in Norway?

Norway is much more expensive.

not in the healthcare department

24 dollars/hr minimum wage, universal health care, universal education, 37 hour work week. Seems like they have good reason to stay put. Why should they want to go in the US ???

To be fair, most European countries have a higher living standard than the US. Speaking as an American born and raised, I'd say Europe is and will be a much better place than the US.