Morata: I've learned more with Juventus than in all my years with Real Madrid

Morata: I've learned more with Juventus than in all my years with Real Madrid

Morata is doing a lot of talking at the moment or Reddit has an obsession

Reddit is bored

It's not even a real quote. Probably made up.

What's this two year loan pish? He was bought for €20 million!

Naturally the headline has twisted what he actually said to make it sound more like a criticism of Real Madrid than it actually is. He's started more games for Juventus and made more appearances, and started both legs of the Champions League semi-final and the final, of course he's learned more.

He should be thankful to Real Madrid for bringing him up.

A buy back clause means Juventus can't reject an offer from Real Madrid that matches it. It doesn't mean he has to speak to them or that he has to go back.

He can always turn down a contract offer. The buyback clause only indicates that once requisite transfer offer is made, Juventus must allow Real Madrid to open contractual negotiations with Morata. Morata could (and probably will) tell Madrid to pound sand, however Juventus cannot bar Madrid from such discussions.

Or one of those situations where the translation conveniently is just a "bit of" to give it a whole new meaning.

Reddit is hungry.

Neither did I imply that it is.

"If you can't handle me at my worst , then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best" - Morata, 2015.

Still think he was shit for Real

He's older and probably smarter now too. Remember how much Ibrahimovic developed leaving Ajax and joining Juve. If you read his book there is a really good passage on Juve's training methods and what they expect from strikers/instincts etc.

If he feels like he has improved a lot then he's not going to say thanks to my old club and sorry new club you are noobs :/

Still scored twice against you. :)

Because I wasn't trying to start a discussion about which team is bigger. All I said is that Morata has become more famous this season.

He's become a lot more famous since joining Juve, I'd say.

New trend of clickbait. The "We interpreted the translation a little" news title.

The problem is that if he is too vehement in his rejection the Madrid press will tar and feather him, which will in turn exclude him from the national team. It's a complex game he's playing.

To be fair he was 20-22 while he was at Madrid. How many 20-22 year olds are good enough to be playing at Madrid or Barcelona

So hungry we threw out our CL runner-up medals.

Yeah, that's what happens when you get played regularly pal.

What is this obsession with signing world class, superstars ? You do know they have to grow into those boots. Messi, Ronaldo, Drogba, Shevchenko, Inzaghi, Del Piero, Shearer etc were all youngsters at one stage too. Their coaches stuck with them and it payed dividends.

Morata is 22 and his best years are still ahead of him.

all these flavours and you choose to be salty

Not exactly shit, but not outstanding either.

Rerel: "I hate media"

We know what you meant man, some people want conflict.

A lot of talk for someone who's had one good season...