Monkeys in Florida have deadly herpes, so please don’t touch them

Monkeys in Florida have deadly herpes, so please don’t touch them

I did not realize there were feral monkeys in Florida. Interesting.

If I wear a condom, it should still be ok to 'make love' to the monkeys right?

Idiots get these cute baby versions thinking they'll always be cute and controllable. Then one day the monkeys grow up and do what all pubescent mammals do. Go crazy, rebel, and want to have sex with everything(other pets, mostly the poor cat). Many end up escaping or being "let out". Happens all the time whenever man wants to take their pets or food to a new place. Ever gone hunting pigs in Florida? The only animal where dynamite is allowed for hunting/ "management".

Yes. We have monkeys in FL. If you rent a kayak and drift down the Silver River your bound to see a troupe of 20 or more swinging through the trees and begging the boaters for handouts. They get very aggressive though, I've come close to being attacked a few times.

Silver Springs state park

FYI most of the women in that area have it too

So much for my Friday night plans.

Actually, herpes is one of the STIs that is possible to transmit even with a condom. womp waahmp =(

A bunch escaped from zoos during Hurricane Andrew. Also there are now flocks of tropical non-native parrots all over the place.

Guess the Everswamp suited them well...

I see Florida Man has been feeling lonely.

I’ve lived in FL my entire life and had no clue that we had monkeys.. holy shit!

Hear that ladies? You can look but you can't touch.

Excluding you.

I guess they're not the coolest monkeys in the jungle?

other pets, mostly the poor cat

I take it you have experience in the matter?

it's real. they were brought over decades ago by a guy who wanted them as an exhibit to attract people to his water attraction (i forget if he was part owner of the springs or he just owned the boat outfit). he put 'em on an island and then was shocked when they swam and spread out throughout the area.

Better wear a rain coat.

Aww, they have the gift that keeps on giving. How sweet!