Damn was slightly smiling only till the dog came. Then I was laughing.

Goodness gracious that's a house of a man

How fucking stacked was that last guy. Holy shit. I didnt know muscles went forwards like that out of the shoulder.

For anyone who doesn't have a Fenty fan in their life: that's Rihanna showing how to put on bronzer highlight from her makeup line Fenty. It isn't lotion. Apparently all the girls will be bronze and shiny this summer on their chests and stuff.

My 4 year old just pointed out to me that "he's using the dogs butt!" lmao


You could give me a sword and a baseball bat and that guy would still kill me

Where did this vid come from? A bodybuilders guild?

An absolute rig

These are average men in their natural surroundings

We could give you an AK-47 and my money will still be on the last guy.

I was gonna say which one but i realized theyre all houses..

Totally expected an orbital sander in there somewhere.

I'm mildly disappointed in the lack of grill brush.

Also, that dude with the septum ring, hot dayum.

I was wondering why tf she was using a brush and what's wrong with using your hands to put on some friggin lotion.

I'm thinking all these dudes go to the same gym and decided to parody Rhianna.


Thank you. Finally someone said it. Its been bothering me that people are calling it moisturiser lol

Well yeah. You'd still need the bullets.

I'm waiting for the TIFU post where a guy -- staying over at his gf -- uses her bronzer like lotion. Not only is he bronze and glittery, but single because that stuff is expensive.

Sounds like a smart kid!

In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

In awe at the size of that lad !

It’s her real surname - Robyn Fenty is Rihanna’s real name.

It's like Pokemon and they call em gyms

My laughing increased with each scene. Woke up husband. Thank you Reddit.

I'll admit, rubbing the lotion on with a boot made me lol

Well only a girl who uses that product and knows who she is would be able to tell. It looks just like lotion to everyone else.

Back scratchers bruh, my gf got tired of scratching my back so she got me one, now im single.

Moisture is the essence of wetness...

That last dude would break it.

That's Rihanna

Damn was slightly smiling only till the dog came.


I bet you he cant scratch his back.

Those muscles are how you lift your arm straight forward

The last guy? Not remotely possible.

Do they have guilds?

It's the guy with the mop that gets me. That smile is just hilarious.

He is most certainly not natural


Some gyms have a video feed they use instead of playing "neutral" programming like CNN or whatever. So on these feeds, they will have a lot of the same programming, same ads. These dudes look like they spend a lot of time in the gym seeing the same ad and finding it funnier over time. Then the idea occurred. You had an astute observation.


Wall corners. Literally the greatest invention since the wheel.

Yes, if any aliens are intercepting our communications and plan to attack, let it be known that the average Earth man is 6'9 and 275 pounds of pure muscle. We shoot space-ship disabling lasers from our eyes, and can crush the average alien skull between our pinkies and our thumbs. Best move on to an easier target.

Dog Butt, for outstanding moisturizing action.


He can definitely get in to the Salty Spitoon

I was waiting for the dog to come out.

It’s a real problem. It’s not funny. I struggle every day with this and come to the realization that this is my life now. This is the path I chose.

They juicy and they lift heavy things

"Built like a brick shithouse".

Whereas I'm built like a shit brickhouse.

Instructions unclear, threw bullets and and gun at house, nothing happened.

Just a guess, but someone said it was more of a bronzer so I am guessing she didn't want to have her palms the same color as the rest of her skin.

Don't get me wrong. Nothing against you. I have the impression the bullets would just ricochet away.

The dog looks like he’s done this before

Dog Butt, recommended by 9 out of 10 dermatologists...who promptly got their medical licenses revoked.

That’s the other use for the dog.

Actually we just like to moisturize

You mean be a little bitch? Fuck that swole is the goal

watches men apply lotion to their shoulder


Not by natural means, you know?

It got increasingly better, but the last one I lol'd!

It's Rihanna's last name

I was looking for the size zero paint brush

Not me. The dudes made me laugh. She just reminded me of how annoying advertising is -- making every single thing look like some elegant, sensual, erotic, orgasmic experience.


I preferred it when Rhianna did it

I feel like wall corners would have been a thing before wheels though.

No. Absolutely not possible.

Women have been on a crusade against magazines for giving women unrealistic expectations and here we have a dude who thinks GigaNigga is totally feasible.

I rewatched that episode recently and found it greatly amusing that the Adherents of the repeated meme guys worked for her considering she’s the most repeated Dr Who meme I have noticed.

I'm assuming that was some sort of testosterone infused steroid cream because she kept getting bigger each time she used it.

It's her legal last name.

Yeah... As a rule... You never use anything at your girlfriends place that you didn't bring in yourself, outside of a bar of soap.

Need to take a shower? Soap. From head to toe. Her shampoo /lotion /body wash/whatever else is probably 40 dollars a drop.

Hell the bar of soap is probably way more expensive than you can imagine, but at least it's going to be the smallest cost out of all of it.

Just because you don't personally find them attractive, doesn't mean others won't. It also points to pretty low self esteem that you feel the need to validate your own ego by invalidating someone else's looks and their right to body autonomy.


For real. She did not come to fucking play.

This shit cracked me up!

No that's definitely supplemented with some growth hormones and steroids.

oh shit the first fent epidemic isn't over yet and the next one's already coming

Instead of the “This man smacks your girl’s ass what do you do?” What do YOU do if this man smacks YOUR ass ?


Wait dogs can be gay too? I thought it was just swans.

It's almost like sex sells, or something...

I found the toilet brush the best

Praise the lord and beg for more meaty blessings.

Lol clearly not you, edgelord.

It’s a gif that just keeps giving

The dog one was funny AND weird, poor dog..

Nice vines /s

The first guy wasn't but the 2nd and on was imo

The last one got me. :D