Moira Skin Concept (fan made)

Moira Skin Concept (fan made)
Moira Skin Concept (fan made)

Moiralyn Manson, I like it!

I'm admittedly a little bit tired of every single Moira skin above rare changing her hair colour :(

Not a fan of the... ears?... but I'll take dem abs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's supposed to be Marilyn

Right? While I do think all the Legendary skins are beyond awesome and beyond polished, my favourites tend to be on the Epic or even Rare spectrum. In Moira's case I really like Royal, I dunno I just think she looks amazing in purple!

And then there's Grillmaster: 76 to remind me why in the end I always equip a legendary anyway

First I was like, what the shit is this? a gay goth elf? Then I was like, oh it's a Marilyn Manson skin, neat.


Anything to show her golden wrists more.

Haha ok yes