Mohamed Salah has now contributed to 37 goals in his 38 caps for Egypt (23 goals + 14 assists).

Mohamed Salah has now contributed to 37 goals in his 38 caps for Egypt (23 goals + 14 assists).

Clearly making signings based on FIFA.

And he turns 23 today!

Can't believe we ditched the loan deal for him in January for fucking Victor Ibarbo.

It was 5-0 when he scored so I didn't really care at that point.

We would have loved you... think what could have been! Two years of hearing Liverpool scouts were watching him only for Chelsea to come in for him at the last minute. It would be a more heartbreaking feeling if it wasn't so familiar.

I'm strangely okay with this.

Had to make that Beast FC

He was on fire for the first two months after he joined us in terms of scoring goals, then understandably cooled off a bit (he is a winger after all, anyone who expected him to keep up the goal per game pace is a moron). In terms of how good he was for us overall, he was consistently the best or second best player on the pitch throughout his spell, which hopefully will continue for a while to come once we extend the loan!

Salah is surely faster than Ibarbo on FIFA, though?

Yeah but Dat Height.

Tbh me too. I'm a big fan of his but the Chelsea move gave him a reality check and has generally been a good experience for him. He now understands what its like at a proper big club (no offence to Basel). Plus he got to work with a fantastic manager in Mourinho.

One of my biggest "regrets". I really think he would have thrived at Liverpool and I think he could have helped us immensely last season. Ah well.

It's our own fucking fault for trying to lowball Basel on the transfer fee.

You'd have thought we'd have learnt from the Dempsey fiasco, but no.

I see your name is EgyptianGooner.

Very off topic, but how did it feel when he scored against us in 13/14?

still salty

chelsea snatch him only to relegate him to the bench

they basically bought him so we couldnt

Ibarbo has higher Sprint Speed but Salah has more pace. Goddamn I play too much FIFA

pls come back.