Modern farming explained

Modern farming explained

The art of getting the federal government to subsidize your loss/earnings while voting for a smaller government


Oh shit corn time moneyplease

Depends on the size of the farm and kind of animals/crops they have. I have a small farm with about 60 chickens and a few goats.

Animals need to be tended to (collect eggs, milk goats/cows/whatever, refill feed and water) at least twice a day, coops and stalls need to be deep cleaned (scrape out poop and replace all bedding) anywhere between once a week to twice a month, and animal maintenance (vaccinations, trimming hooves, etc).

Factor in farmers who go to the market to sell fresh eggs, milk, and animals once a week, and occasionally catching any animals that broke through the fence or darted past you when filling food up.

I could see a farmer with more animals than me and a field full of hay that needs to be cut/put into bales easily pulling 300-400 hours a month.

Is the average farmer really working 400 hours per month? That's 100 hours per week, nearly 15 hours per day. Do they never get any days off?

No, and that isn't the point of the comment. It's the hypocrisy in accepting subsidies and then pointing at everyone else and saying but none for you!

Bullshit - noun. This shirt.

Wealthiest motherfuckers I know are crop farmers from Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana. I show horses with a family that are probably the worst people I've ever met. The mom married into the family and posts on facebook all the time about how hard their family works and that we need to be throwing all these people off welfare. Nevermind the only reason any of them have anything is because they inherited it from grandpa.

Meanwhile, she's too fuckin stupid to realize that crop subsidies are public record. Between her, her husband, their kid, they've gotten well over a million dollars in handouts. She even went so far one time to write that the last group of people to be "racist" against are rich people. The assholery from them is mind boggling.

This is why I hate people who think that working hard is all that matters, and belittle you if they don't perceive you as hard working. Ya, I'd rather work smart than hard. Why would I bust my ass for 400 hours a month to lose money? That's working like an idiot. The only thing hard work gets you is more hard work.

Most farmers are against price controls, price controls are set by the government which makes producing things unprofitable. If we didn’t have subsidies for the items with price control you wouldn’t have half the foods you enjoy because nobody would produce them.

Owning a business can be tough. Most business owners work hard at it to keep the business working.

They work a lot of hours during harvest.

Then they go and drink coffee for 6 months and bitch about the government and minorities and about how unappreciated they are.

While cashing subsidy checks.

The other people on here describing farms as having all these different animals and farming crops too is not how most farms are.

Hog farms raise hogs. Immigrants do the hard work on hog farms.

Dairy farms produce milk. Immigrants do the hard work there too.

Ranchers raise cows.

Farmers who raise crops don't usually have livestock too. They have a few thousand acres of corn or soybeans and that's it.

Food in the US is cheap as fuck.

My uncle runs a decent sized sized farm with little help and pulls around 80 hours a week a lot of the time. Easily over a hundred when lambing or calving since he's basically on call all the time. My cousin is a self-employed farm hand and has been known to get in from work after midnight and go to work around 6 the next day for about a week or so at a time.

Whilst the shirt is obviously a joke averaging over 400 hours a month for two or three months at a time isn't unheard of.

Isn't farming a verb?

Alright listen up pighalf. The farmer's didn't ask for the subsidy. The government wanted it. Here's the thing - farmers are smart. They plant what they think will make the most money. The feds thought that the farmers didn't grow enough corn and they wanted it at a lower price, but they knew that farmer's didn't want a surplus because then the quantity of corn produced would be greater than the quantity demanded and farmers would have to lower prices and thus lose money to sell it all. So to keep prices low, the feds give farmers the money to pay for the excess and to keep prices low to cover losses essentially

11% is a fucking HUGE profit margin. Seriously. Check the margins on most kinds of retail, food service, etc.

Like, historically cheap. Like as in the history of people.

Appropriately, we also spend less of our income on food than basically anyone ever (assuming we only consider people who both have income, and must buy food).

Wouldn't farming be a verb not a noun?

The farmers I know all drive $80k trucks they trade in every 3 months. And live in $400k+ houses. I would love to be a poor farmer. If you know how to work the system you literally can't lose as a farmer.

It's a gerund - a verb that functions as a noun.

Oh, I'm actually going gerund-free, thank you though.

Yeah I was going to say those other comments don’t sound like modern factory farms. They sound like a farm some hipster couple started.

farming nets 11% profits on average

Actually some grain farmers have some cattle on the side in my area. But it is typically people who cash rent most of their farmed acerage. I detest the portrayl of farmers as though they are "salt of the earth" dust bowl poor folks. Ag is big business. Farmers own equipment and land that has value. With crop insurance and subsidies very few farmers know hardships like the 20s and 30s were in the U.S. While there are efforts to make farming practices more sustainable and emphasize responsible stewardship, its going to take a long time for those ideas to take hold.

This is why my farmer father pushed me to go to dental school.

And there are months where they are doing maintenance on equipment, the books, watching futures etc, but it’s not 400 hours a month

I feel like this is a generalization. There's no way all farmers are wealthy enough to live like that.

You’d be well fed too if food was just laying all over your yard.

Dad works 60-80 hour weeks two months of the year, full days another 2 months, half days another two months, and then annoys everyone by complaining how bored he is for 6 months of the years.

He's purely a grain farmer though.

If you work for yourself, you never get days off.

Days off are for employees.


Investors never have days on (for what they invest in). So they technically never have days off.

The modern farmer

May be losing money but apparently well fed.

I don't get it.