Modded & Painted Nerf Guns (x-post /sub/CoolCollections)

Modded & Painted Nerf Guns (x-post /r/CoolCollections)

I appreciate that these are toys but this is some great work.

Awesome work I'm seeing inspiration from Borderlands, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Halo, and Can't place the last.

it makes your childhood 10x cooler

I'm not certain but the sniper rifle gives me a Borderlands Jakobs vibe

I think that it would be cool to buy them like this, but the issue is that many people might mistake them for real guns. That is mainly why Nerf guns are pained so vividly yellow and orange.

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So obviously the one is Mass Effect but does anyone recognize the other guns?

I think the on in the middle is a Prime weapon from Warframe.

That works with the murdered out look, but with more intricate color schemes it might just fade in with the other colors. With the way cops have been acting lately with their trigger happy bullshit I don't think I'd let my kid play with these in public. And that's s fucking sad thing: I'm too worried about police shooting my unarmed child to let them play with nerf guns which were a huge and awesomely fun part of my childhood.

I painted mine matte black but I left the orange muzzles on

I've never wanted to get shot by the cops so bad.

Exactly. They make these things weird colors for a reason. 


Exactly. They make these things weird colors for a reason.


That's the work of /u/JohnsonArms if I'm not mistaken! That N7 rifle is what got me interested in modding.

not enough weird flashy bits

and not enough stupid RNG grinding that's "not that bad" according to the devs.

Its called the rules of gun safety, and he's correct.

Just waiting for the time when someone paints the tip of a real gun bright orange.

That whole idea is silly to begin with. Does anyone thing a cop behave differently to someone pointing a gun at them based on whether the tip is orange or not?

I don't get what you're trying to say

For the record, that's one of the easier ones. Here are some more and remember...a live situation where you have to decide whether to take action is very different from analyzing a still close-up image from the comfort and safety of your home.

For the record, that's one of the easier ones. Here are some more and remember...a live situation where you have to decide whether to take action is very different from analyzing a still close-up image from the comfort and safety of your home.

My dad always scared the shit out of me, telling me about how if I pointed a toy gun at someone they might think it was real and shoot me with a real one.

The last one says UNSC which would be Halo right?

Far right is Halo (you can see the UNSC), far left appears to just be a steampunk inspired weapon, maybe from Bioshock or Borderlands. The white and larger green one...anyones guess? Maybe starwars for the white one.

Well yeah, you're a grown ass adult.

No self-respecting Warframe weapon would have a scope like that unless it was some hunk of Grineer slag.

To be fair, gun violence had been going down constantly. The media is to blame more than anything more the increased hysteria.

Not everyone on Reddit lives in America.

This is not a problem in, say, England.

Unfortunately, in some places in the US, there are gangs that include "children" with very real guns and very real intentions of killing.

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I tried rereading your comment a few times and still have no idea what you're trying to say.

Thanks bro

The answer is left, correct?

Yes. You can see the smaller barrel inside of it.

Unless I'm dead.

Terra Nova, a TV show that had like a $20 million budget, used spray painted Nerf guns as props. I even think it was a Redditor that noticed it.

Super soaked in blood.

Or anywhere outside the states really...

That's a slightly extremist point of view. Proper education would prevent those kinds of things from happening. Educate children about gun safety and how fooling around can be dangerous.

He'll be fine as long as he's white.

Pretty sure its trying to resemble the Skullmasher sniper rifle as it was modeled in the first Borderlands game.


That N7 rifle is nothing compared to my biotic capabilities

...or Canada, for that matter.

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I'd like to see a DIY/ build log of these. I'm sure there's more than just paint

The Skullmasher looks the same as every other XX Jakobs sniper rifle.

My friends and I used to modify nerf guns when we were younger. Not aesthetically, but for performance. We got a few of them to shoot so hard they would leave welts on the skin.

One day my buddy, who was a black kid in a predominantly white neighborhood, got locked out of his house at night so he crawled in through an open window. Some other neighbor called the cops thinking it was a break in. When the police showed up they saw all the modified nerf guns and a few that were mid construction, and the police confiscated them all. The reasoning being that he was building illegal dangerous weapons. And that pretty much killed our neighborhood nerf battles.

A busy body called the police on my friends and I because we were all in camouflage and carrying guns into the woods. Cop came out and told us to put our weapons down. We did. He didn't scream at all and didn't seem all that freaked out or anything. He laughed a little when he found out they were paintball guns and we were just running around shooting each other. He explained they got a call and the person made it sound like WW3 was breaking out in the neighborhood. It was one of the better interactions with a cop that I've ever had.

Why are are two so randomly placed opinions upvoted to the top? Why are they separated by a but? I am so confused.

It's not. Similar coloring to Primes from Warframe( gold, white, black), but not a weapon from it.

I am 28 years old and I still go to the toy section of nerf guns to check out the modern ranges.

Call of duty games

Hey, dude.. I love Grindframe..

Green one looks like Quake

But it wouldn't be necessary if not every asshole had a gun under his pillow. (Where I live a kid could even run up to a cop with a toy gun and the police would cone up with a thousand better ideas than shooting a child.)

That's fucked up.

Why the "but" though?

Looks like a Destiny assault riffle to me.

...or Australia, for that other matter.

It's shaped like a rare quality auto rifle from Destiny. That's the closest conclusion I came to.

The first one is the only one I could confidently tell the difference, and that's only because they were both there for comparison.

And no self-respecting warframe weapon would ever admit to having such a boxy shape unless it came off some Corpus manufacturing line.

Conspiracy theories.

Looks like a shortened br

Yeah, would have been much better had it focused more on surviving in the fucking past as opposed to teeny drama and mysterious bad guys.