Mnuchin has no clue how to win on tax reform

Mnuchin has no clue how to win on tax reform

What you mean an investment banker/movie producer doesn't understand the intricacies of Congressional politics with regards to one of the most challenging policies the GOP has?

He did help produce Mad Max: Fury Road though so he may be uniquely qualified to understand a post trump world.

Trump just said a bunch of crazy shit about tax reform.

He bitched about the corporate tax rate and somehow added the "estate tax" as part of corporate taxes.

He later said that "rich people won't benefit" from his plan...but we all know he targeting the estate tax which would only benefit the uber wealthy...

You could have stopped at "has no clue".

By labeling it "reform" the WP is already helping them with framing the argument. It's a tax cut - they aren't fundamentally altering the way taxes are done, they are removing/lowering taxes.

What are you talking about? Trump promised that removing the estate tax is going to completely help our 75k income, while renting, and reduce our student loans. He said over and over again that it doesn't help the rich.

...doesn't "Master of the Universe" cover all professions, though?

(good lord, history really does rhyme, doesn't it)

Might he be able to buy one from his wife?

The ladies of The View apparently pronounce his name Munchkin.