30mm cannon air burst rounds walked through an infantry position

From the back, that looks a lot like R Lee Ermey. Probably couldn't show him from the front because of his massive war boner.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch.....


It actually is him, check out the .

And this is why we don't do trench warfare anymore...Well, that and regular tanks.


I'ts not like they didn't have air burst munitions back in WWI, they just relied on a great deal more guesswork.

Either way, better to be in the trench than out of it. In the trench you at least have a chance.

That is some very satisfying footage.

Humans are so clever at devising ways to kill each other

Fill these with syringes and pills and we got a weapon of mass healing !

That must be the dummy HQ.