Miss these days, don't you Ant?

Miss these days, don't you Ant?

What a fucking nigger.

oh my god, she still has her baby teeth.

Having hundred dollar bills in a stack and flaunting it in photos?

Not a particularly Caucasian thing to do.

The John Waters moustache is a good look faggot.

Look guys, I don't like to throw that n-word around, but only a certain group of people take pictures with large stacks of hundreds


His appearance morphed and changed so much in 10 or so years. Strange.

Benzos and "drinking beer" will do that

He doesn't even look like the same PERSON anymore. The years demolished him.

Look at this comment history. /u/J-Bradley1 jerks off to doodie!

Can you throw me a clue? Or should I ask Earl?

With his Byatch in the shot too, just to really drive the, "I'm better than you" point home.....

What a stupid spaghetti nigger.

Also, that may or may not be a tranny he is paying to butt fuck him.

And he used to razz Lady Di about killing a 30 pack in a day. That’s probably a mellow Tuesday for him at this point.

If the party stops he has to be alone.

I learned it from Jim!!

Its galling to know that in this fucking gavones world, he sees himself as the pinnacle of sophistication, and anything that he does which would otherwise be exclusively called white trash, is just him being a playful rogue, young at heart type. He really is appalling.