Mira Mira, on the wall

This is highly satisfying

wood IV gameplay

This clip should be part of the in-game tutorials to highlight the importance of playing with sound on. Good shit.

I wish I could play with deaf people

That gives ME an idea. Each operator should have a mini tutorial video when you purchase them

Edit: But isn’t required to watch but highly recommended

Make it 200 reknown per video and you got a deal.

Mira Mira on the wall

Make them rage one and all

If they had been on the ball

They wouldn't have gotten shot in the hall.

That black window? Part of the texture update brah


Hey guys do you think we should investigate that very obvious air pressure sound?

Nah it'll be fiBLAAeURGHHRL

Edit: Also for those who didn't know if you're in this situation and you don't want to pop your window you can actually throw a c4 over the wall there, the wall doesn't go all the way up to the ceiling. You can likewise be flashed/fragged from there, so eyes up.

They probably mean 200 reknown as a reward like the tutorial videos.

This shit might be cardboard 1

That blood trail is Pretty sick!

The bullet hose just exterminated


A small, window sized hole, coming right up.

I do, but they end up being my teammates.

I have 300 hours in the game and I just discovered that wall isn't complete the other day

Ooooh, yeah, that would make sense too. Actually even better as an encouragement.

That probably happend because they didn't have headphones. Pretty often the case on conso... oh w8...


Mira Mira on the wall

Make them rage one and all

If they had not lined up in the hall

They wouldn't have gotten shot at all.

nah. i just picked the game this past black friday.

Shit, just let us read about their ability. I had no idea Caveira had additional ability (Interrogation) and thought she only moves silently.

If that last player didn't immediately quit after seeing that kill-feed they've got balls of steel.

+480? Cancer cure