Mini Strandbeest

Kinda reminds me of a creature or machine you'd see in a Miyazaki film

Based on this

Fun fact, Strandbeest means Beachbeast in Dutch. The original kinetic sculpture(s?) roam beaches in The Netherlands.

Howl's moving castle.

And that'd be strandbest in Swedish (though best is a Low German loan, the old Swedish word being vilddjur or odjur).

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I got to visit this guy's studio once. Pretty cool.

What about the machinery in Laputa: Castle in the Sky?

so it walked itself out of its power source

I saw a demo at an exhibition once. They tried to let 2 strandbeesten move by hooking them up to an aircompressor. Both constantly broke down after just a few steps. Major letdown.

For those interested

Plot twist: it develops sufficient AI to attach the fan to itself, rigs up a simple battery relay, and begins a tour of the world. Eventually it cuts together video of itself walking past dozens of world monuments, accompanied by Praan as performed by Palbasha Siddique. Hundreds of thousands of people are shown walking with it as the project captures the popular imagination.

The video takes off on Youtube, unites millions with its inspiring message of beauty and togetherness, and the mini-Strandebeeste goes on to become the head of the United Nations, where it champions wind power, rural development, and the use of mayonnaise on French Fries.

But it is murdered on the sidewalk outside the Hague by the original giant Strandebeeste, which has become so jealous and obsessed that it got addicted to model airplane glue and went on a rampage.

This is strangely disturbing. Amazing, but unsettling.

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After meeting Theo Jansen, Adam Savage built his own pedal-powered one.

He doesn't. He almost has a worldview that includes these things as living entities and so if they "choose" to walk into the ocean then that's their choice.

At that point you just have a miniature motor vehicle.

My exact comment the last time the original creations were posted!

uh ok

I noticed this too. Maybe it just doesn't like to be bothered.

When it's moving this looks like what that questionable meat-on-a-stick I bought from a street vendor in the park felt like as it was working its way through my gastrointestinal tract.

You gave me the courage to do the same! Thanks, random short bear.

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It slows down and stops shortly out of range from the fan, of which it utilizes only a fraction of the power supplied to the motor. Imagine how efficient it would be if it were actually hooked up directly to the motor!