Mind = BLOWN

Mind = BLOWN

If that's true then I predict a new 'scumbag meme' post.

Predicts own death

Kills self

pending toxicology tests at the moment.

probably OD'd. Might have been intentional.

Leaving Weezer suggests he was in perfect mental health.

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Dead wrong.

Look what i stumbled upon posted a couple hours after his initial post.... http://i.imgur.com/Bx9cn.jpg

Look what i stumbled upon posted a couple hours after his initial post....

He told people where and when he dies. Sounds like suicide to me.

Mind = BLOWN

I belive that was Curt Kobain.

well he does have a history of mental illness and left weezer because of a mental breakdown so it's certainly possible.

I think you mixed up your C's & K's there, pal.

Occupation: Bassist/Time Lord



I dreamed I won the lottery next weekend, need to get a better bank account.

/crosses fingers


you mean the blue album?

I predict:

Predicts scumbag meme post.

Posts it.

his death was a fixed point in time

Same day and everything. Dude had it all planned out, but it probably went right over everyone's head. Tragic

Reddit likes old Weezer.

Reddit hates new Weezer.

Redundant job title, if you ask me.

This made me really upset, mostly because the article I read about his death in mentioned his two sons and wife outlived him.

He had tweeted that he had to sit down and write his will because he knew he was going to die. I hate to speak ill of the dead, but I think it's really sad that there are fathers out there who will tweet their suicidal thoughts with kids and a wife who could read them. I think that's a slightly selfish thing to do. It'd break my heart if I read on a social networking site that while my dad was away from me and on vacation, he was writing his will because he planned on dying.

That being said, I know depression is a horrible illness, and I shouldn't pass judgement if I don't know the personal circumstances.

He should have guessed further out

May the Bot Lord bless you and keep you, AWSMirror.

Do you mean the weekend after next?

but then he would have been wrong

You know, ironically.

Well sukc my kokc.



Say it ain't so!!

Say it aint so.

yup, he was suicidal

Maybe he did this in order to become the top post on Reddit.

Does Reddit not like Weezer? I like the band, personally.

Like rain on your wedding day.

Yeah, I'm putting all my money on intentional. Especially since he corrected himself saying it's 2 weeks instead of 1 week later.

Some languages don't differentiate blue and green.

I predict everybody on Earth will die.

TIL languages can be color blind.

It was needed. Albums like Pinkerton and the green album will never be made again. And their new stuff is rubbish. We all know it. :/

I predict I will take a shit when I get home.

Takes shit when he gets home

Mind = blown

I just chose to pronounce the name as "sert." Just go with it.

How is this trolling?


Well... I don't care about that.

Thats a shame :/

Seems that way.

New York professor Joseph Campbell: "I have attended a number of psychological conferences dealing with this whole problem of the difference between the mystical experience and the psychological crack-up. The difference is that the one who cracks up is drowning in the water in which the mystic swims. You have to be prepared for this experience."

This is more true than most readers will realize.

When dreams become nightmares become reality.

Sadly he had been predicting his own death for quite some time. Depression kills.

"Say it ain't sooo, my love was a life-taker."

Welsh it.

That dude was mentally ill


We'll see about that.

I hope Kim Kardashian is next.

Edit: I meant Kim, Snookie, and Beiber.

Well shit

Being in your wet dream is my nightmare.

It's gonna happen if he acknowledges the edit in time!

Not if we're dead.

Was he wearing Kalvin Clein at the time?

"Beautiful, naked, big titted women don't just fall outta the sky?"

Great, now that the secret is out, everyone is going to start doing it.

actually, he tried to commit suicide before.

We need to sacrifice a goat in his honor.

I kay what you did there.

Joyce took her daughter to Jung because she was mentally deteriorating. When Jung tried to explain she was suffering from schizophrenia, Joyce showed him the Finnegans Wake to prove she wasn't different from him. Jung told him "the difference is that you dived to the bottom of the pool, while Lucia sank", or as Ellman told it: "two people going to the bottom of a river, one falling and the other diving". Campbell was the first to understand what Finnegans Wake was about, and publish the seminal A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake, his first important book. From the Wake he borrowed the term monomyth, that expanded in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, that later was part of The power of myth, where your quote is taken from. Incidentally, the idea of monomyth was key for George Lucas to make Star Wars.

everything is "trolling" these days

"9 people like this"

we lost an actual psychic.

I'm going to punch anyone over the internet who attempts the nazi that coming pun.

Except new Weezer is tolerable. New Green Day is nauseating.

Sup, beergoggles.

His life was a heart-breaker

Then it would've been a plane crash.

It's scumbags all the way down.

Bass dude here...yeah me and the drummer are time lords didn't you know?

not that you were counting or anything

The green album wasn't as good as Blue or Pinkerton, but any power-pop band would kill to write an album that tight and catchy.

That would be fatal.

Being in your nightmare is my wet dream

Welsh shit.

"9 people are pleased with the sacrifice."

New Weezer can't stop partyin'. New Green Day can't stop whining.

I'm in support of partyin'.

Waking up from an amazing wetdream is my nightmare.

Why did I laugh...

you're supposed to tweet it.

Nightmares are somebody's daydreams; daydreams are somebody's lies. Lies ain't no harder than telling the truth. Truth is the perfect disguise.

Wee ooh, just like buddy holly!

That's unfortunate.

I love you AWSMirror bot. In an android way no cyborg bro

No, it's cind of kool that way

Like a flood in an umbrella factory.

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Well, while that is possible, he knew Weezer was doing a special show at Riot Fest in Chicago this weekend.

Only in dreams...

God damnit chicago...

That's also unfortunate.