Millennial Falcon

Millennial Falcon

I like this meme, this is a good meme

Instills shitty values in us then blames us for shitty values. Douchebag baby boomers.

In bird culture, this is considered a dick move.

-George Carlin

"All of this stupid nonsense that children have been so crippled by has grown out of something called the "self-esteem movement." The self-esteem movement began around 1970, and I'm happy to say it has been a complete failure. Studies have repeatedly shown that having high self-esteem does not improve grades, does not improve career achievement, it does not even lower the use of alcohol, and most certainly does not reduce the incidence of violence of any sort, because as it turns out, extremely aggressive, violent people think very highly of themselves. Imagine that; sociopaths have high self-esteem. Who'da thunk?"

I remember as a member of gen x during the 1980's getting mad at all these baby boomers and "greatest generation" types going on and on about kids my age and how terrible it was that some of us were doing drugs. It was like, who is the group growing and distributing the drugs ?? Are there huge criminal organizations made up of teens running grow houses and smuggling operations? No, it was all the damn hippies from the 60's and 70's.

These trophies weren't even valued. That's what pisses me off. I valued the pizza I was eating at the end of the season 100 times more than I valued the trophy I got.

What, do they think we didn't understand the inflation? We knew they were worth a whole lot less when everybody got one.

We certainly did not look at the participation trophy, then look at the 1st place trophy and think "yep, these are worth the same."

I had an uncle blame the millennials for the housing and market crash in 2008.

Yeah, because it was a bunch of people 26 to 4 years old that were the ones buying their 5th vacation home, creating idiotic dangerous financial products, and applying false ratings to those securities...

Me too. I'm not a bird expert but I hope this is actually a falcon. I'd hate for this to catch on and it turns out that's actually a flamingo misidentified as a falcon.

Pretty confident its not a flamingo, but then again, I know bird law pretty well.

Good times make weak men. Weak men make bad times. Bad times make strong men. Strong men make good times.

Someone needs to do one about how we're all pussies, but we've been the ones fighting and dying in their stupid fucking wars for a decade and a half.

I would pose the idea that it was never about building self-esteem in children. That's just what it gets sold as. It stems from a parent's inability to cope with their child's disappointment.

RIP Birdperson. Fuck you, Tammy.

I got a 12th place ribbon one year for my elementary school's field day. That backhanded compliment got thrown in my closet under a pile of magazines and remained there. "You're the 12th most athletic kid in your class. Congratulations on the mediocrity."

Probably blame us for not being able to buy these houses and not being able to make enough money to do so because we are lazy

The boomers are by far the worst generation ever.

Was like okay, yeah, I can kinda get with that.

I like reading the obituaries to see that they are starting to die off.

Well that's just shitty.

The problem with the whole participation trophy thing is no kid ever got one and kept it long. No kid ever said, "Look, Pa! I finally made it. Are you proud now?" Kids are not stupid. They know they didn't win shit. I highly doubt a pity $0.50 cent trophy warped any kids sense of self to entitlement.

Be the meme you want to see in the world.

Well I have a few pet lizards and lizards are pretty much small dinosaurs and birds are the closest thing to real modern dinosaurs so yeah, I pretty much know everything about birds. AMA!

If the glove does not fit, you... must quit.

Someone said on Twitter "If I had a dollar for every time a Baby Boomer complained about my generation, I'd have enough money to buy a house in the market they ruined." and I literally laughed out loud.

Memehatma Ghandi

I am a shitty person to shitty people and I am not ashamed.

I mean, the assumption that every Boomer is a shitty person is inaccurate, so you're kinda also shitty to not shitty people and not ashamed about it.

Not really. It's the boomers' way of gaslighting a generation.

Millenials ask for the same chances boomers had while they pull the ladder up behind them and call millenials the "entitled" ones.

Millenials push to create a more just and respectful society and suddenly they're "coddled" because boomers can't make racist jokes.


Do you know what Tammy likes to eat?

"ohhhh I'm sorry, but I thought my Dark Lord of the Sith could protect a small thermal exhaust port that's only two meters wide! That thing wasn't even paid off yet!"

1, 2, 3, participation. Participation ribbons are cool because you can toss it in a box then years later find it and remember the fun you had at the event itself.

Yes, it was, but what you said was part of reason for the movement

Don't be gross.

Bird dick.

I actually used to think the same thing until I found out what the scale is replaced with (in the cases I've seen). They instead give you a whole bunch of feedback on how you did, rather than just a letter or number. If you think about it it makes a lot of sense, since it's much more directly constructive. However, I've only seen it in a college setting and I don't know that it would transfer as well to a younger, especially elementary level.

Edit: Heyyy peeps, thanks for the thought food. I definitely agree that a combo of letter grade and feedback is ideal, though as many of you pointed out, sheer volume is a big issue. I was by no means trying to sound like I had my shit together on this topic, as the extent of my involvement with it has been a discussion in sociology class and looking into (but not even going to) a college with this system. Was really just musing, but very pleased with all the feedback and different perspectives :)

The cartels, not the hippies. And the cartels found it profitable to do so because war on drugs and the outlawing of hippy and black culture done by Nixon.

I quite like hippies. They stood up for weed and psychedelics, and just general social freedoms. They created communities based on good intentions, and generally were the opposite of the consumerism of today -- live in nature, bathe in a river, make your own clothes, grow your own food. Happiness over stuff.

I'm no meme maker. I'm just bitter. I went to Afghanistan a couple years ago for work. At 25 I was an old man. Most of our people over there can't even fucking remember 9/11. Same for the people they're fighting. Can't win it. And I hate seeing both of my brothers in law get deployed every 6 months and miss their kids. I hate that I have a lot of friends with PTSD and permanent injuries from their deployments.

It is! An adult Peregrine Falcon!

And thus the life cycle repeats.

Oh, that's coming. Don't you worry.

Make rotten children, blame rotten children.

Its a falcon. You can tell by the way it is.

Everyone who makes generalizations is a piece of shit.

see what I did there?

Did we butt fuck the environment?

Did we decide 60 hours a week working isn't worthy of a living wage?

Did we legislate so that 1% of our population is behind bars, half of which are non violent?

Did we start and continue the wars?

Did we pervert journalism to partisan hackery?

Are we sexist, racist, homophobic and xenophobic?

Do we demand health care and retirement for people who have had their whole life to prepare for it but tell kids out of high school with pre existing conditions to eat shit?

Did we have access to college which could be paid for with a life guarding job over the summer?

No, we are told to sacrifice for a better tomorrow like their parents did

AKA the bird of choice for Jake from the Animorphs.

If you were of reading age in the 90s and didn't learn Awesome Animal Facts from those books, you're a goddamned liar.

No, no. I've heard this said to me.

This is part of why I think Christianity is bullshit. God made us sinful and then punishes us for being sinful? Fuck off. And if we're made in His image, and we're shitty, what does that say about God?

I hope my generation doesn't ruin everything anywhere near as badly as baby boomers did.

I never got this because even as a kid you know they're worth jack.

Tammy, gross.

It's the same with college tuition. "I put myself through college with hard work and a summer job." That's great and all but... did your tuition cost ~$18,000-$20,000 a year? Did your chem book alone cost you $400? College is proportionally more expensive now, especially since anyone between the ages of 18 and 22 without a college degree is lucky to get anything better than a job paying minimum wage.


Guess what, I'm going to be a Total Douche to my kids. Wall to Wall put downs and Dodge Ball. Those little shits are Going Down.... Yeah, that will show them...

Awards that small children in the U.S. competing in sports are given these days, whether or not they win. These, coupled with the banning of vigorous playground games like tag and dodge ball, are decried as a bad trend to soften the next generation.

Am I at the presence of a new meme?


I'm bringing and sharing this at the next school board meeting with the dipshits who decided and pushed for the end of "grading." This is 100% the same exact thing. I don't even have a kid, but how in the fuck could you think this or getting rid of the A-F grading scale in school is a good idea.

Or that not being racist or sexist is considered being part of the PC culture.

I never knew treating a human being like a human being is being PC.

I had an uncle blame the millennials for the housing and market crash in 2008.

I was fired for voting for Obama at a job I held in 2008, and they blamed me "supporting a candidate who was in favor of said housing and market crash".... go figure.

(before people mention discrimination etc, I already looked into it, at the time, and I live in an at-will employment state where political action is not a protected category for discrimination, though it is in several other states... less than 20 iirc... I did get paid to write something on this experience after it happened without naming the company though, and now I work for a company that gives its employees paid time off to vote.... edit: oh yeah, we've started buying our first house since too and the payments are less than our rent but the house is bigger than our last apartment and in better shape...take that, shitty bosses.)

“This might be the most arrogant thing I say all night but actually resent the fact that I’m gonna get judged one day, like if that’s true. That somebody’s gonna judge me. That doesn’t even make any sense, like “Dude, you made me… this is YOUR fuck up. Alright? Let’s not try to turn this around on me. You know? Jesus Christ. You give me freedom of choice, you make whores, you have me suck at math, and you don’t think this things gonna go off the rails? Like, you set me up to fail and now you’ve got the BALLS to now question your own goddamn work.” Dude, if I made a car, if I built a car and it didn’t run, I wouldn’t like burn it forever: “YOU EVIL PIECE OF SHIT!” and light it on fire… I wouldn’t. I would troubleshoot: “Is there gas in the engine? Is the battery charged?! Anything beyond this and I’ve got to get a REAL MAN to look at this! But I believe in you! I’ll try and help you out…”

-Bill Burr

His voice in that moment brought be to tears. Perfectly executed.

I didn't get grades in k-8, we received exactly the type of feedback you're talking about. There is a big difference between a kid who gets Cs and Bs because they aren't trying or just because that's the best they can do without additional assistance. I don't think it effected me in a negative way, and didn't effect my ability to handle an A-F grading system when I got to high school. The one problem is the higher the class size, the more difficult it is for teacher's to properly provide feedback.

Yeah. I never cared much about getting them, and they were never thought of as achievements, but it's cool looking through my old shit and remembering all of the different tournaments and places I've played in.

Bird law, upheld by Harvey Birdman

I am a bird expert. This is a falcon.

TBH I got tons of them when I was young, and I thought they were shoddy pieces of crud even then. So the derisive argument bent against millennials about them seems even more absurd and unfounded to me.

I hope my generation doesn't ruin everything anywhere near as badly as baby boomers did.

The "boomers ruined everything" line sounds outrageous at first but the more I think about it the less crazy it becomes. Baby Boomers were handed the richest, most powerful economy in the history of the world on a silver platter, and what do they leave their kids? A healthcare system is in a state of crisis. Crumbling Infrastructure that hasn't been maintained properly in decades. A bloated military budget that spends more than every developed country in the world combined. Higher Education bankrupting an entire generation. A justice system that imprisons more people than Stalin did in the USSR. A dead/dying middle class with lowering life expectancy for working class men and women.

There was no great war, no great enemy or plague or catastrophe from above. You've got to wonder; What the fuck happened?

Depends on the size of the class.I once got 8th in a school science fair, which I considered to be pretty good out of 600+ people.

"Oh just rebuild it? What? You have an ATM in that torso lite brite of yours?"

Bird Culture customs are upheld by Bird Person.

These trophies weren't even valued. That's what pisses me off. I valued the pizza I was eating at the end of the season 100 times more than I valued the trophy I got. What, do they think we didn't understand the inflation? We knew they were worth a whole lot less when everybody got one. We certainly did not look at the participation trophy, then look at the 1st place trophy and think "yep, these are worth the same."

Woo! Trophy day? Did they hand those out the same day we got our team pictures and "trading cards"? Because I cared way more about the trading cards.

I started saying this to every bitter Baby Boomer who calls our generation "entitled." Guess what? You raised this generation. If anything it's a reflection of the terrible job you did as parents.

Anyone remember Generation X... anyone?

We really are the "lost generation"...

If you were born in the early 80's. Like 80, 81, 82 ish, you probably classify more as Gen X more than Millennial. Particularly if your parents were older when you were born.

The worst part is a lot of us knew how stupid they were when we received them. I did pretty well in sports but I once recieved a participation trophy. It was a marble block the size of a deck of card with a little plastic gold colored circle on it. Like why the fuck you think I want that on my shelf staring at me everyday? It's literally a trophy for being so bad I didn't get a trophy!

Seriously, I have never met a single person who have talked about participation trophies as something they even cared about, to claim that it was a highly influential and damaging part of our childhood is just absurd.

Hey, at least you tried.

That's a legitimately good point. I definitely never considered the matter that way.

Damn this is one of the most interesting theory's I have read recently. It aslo fits very well with the election of Donald Trump.

just lower your standards you'll be fine.

Minimum wage that is considerably less than it was in terms of purchasing power.

What it might have done is affect your ability to determine when to use the word effect and affect, though!


2016 was the year of the memes.

2016 was not a good year.

omg my little meme is all grown up ;-; it's even on reddit now! I has a proud!

Are those the super fast ones?

Participation trophies?

Except when it comes to individual performances in front of a judge or two. In Indiana, there is an organization that holds music contests for students. There is an entry fee and sometimes a list of acceptable pieces to perform and you get dressed up and play for a judge and get their feedback and based on those scores you get a medal, silver or gold. The judges are volunteers and some are strict on scoring but most are really laid back and just give everyone gold. It's really arbitrary but the kids actually get really proud when they get gold and kinda down when they get silver. And of course, golds get to do it all again at another location and they call it "state contest" when there's still no comparison to other performers and everyone could feasibly win gold again.

I was born in 87 and i received participation trophies. I still knew the difference between winning and losing. Also the trophies I got for winning were of higher quality than the participation trophies.

fucking tammy.

I just finished reading this book. The Narcissism Epidemic

U.S. high school kids have not improved in academic performance over the last 30 years, a time when self-esteem has been actively encouraged and boosted among American children. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 17-year-olds’ math scores have risen slightly, from 304 to a 307, but reading scores have stayed completely flat at 285. So, at best, there has been less than a 1% improvement in academic performance. At the same time, high school students’ grades have inflated enormously. While only 18% of students said they earned an A or A- average in 1976, 33% said they were A students in 2006 – a whopping 83% increase in self-reported “A” students. So, we have had less that a 1% improvement in actual learning over 30 years, but an 83% increase in A grades. Apparently, our culture has decided to go with the strategy of boosting the fantasy of success rather than success itself, similar to the amplifiers in the movie Spinal Tap that “go to eleven.”

Yeah it's a bullshit theory altogether. No one I knew was proud of their participation trophies. Just a reminder how much bigger and better the first place trophies were.

I have low ass self esteem but go to a great school get good grades and play two collegiate sports. I'm just ugly and can't get laid

Username checks out

In other news.. Are you actually an ornithologist? What do you do? I'm a birder / ebird contributor!

I had a father who didn't believe in self-esteem, and thought my teachers were ruining me by trying to instill it in me, so he spent my childhood belittling and insulting me to undermine it. Of course he was wrong about my teachers; they were busy constantly reminding me of how I "wasn't living up to my potential" and "wasn't trying hard enough." So they were really both on the same side, and together they were victorious! I hate myself and always have. Thanks, dad!

Looks like a Peregrine Falcon. I think.

I'm not an expert, but I think it's a jackdaw.

May he rest in peace...

Only a Sith deals in absolutes...

did you just assume it's genus?

I'm thirty-eight years old, hardly a millennial, and I remember being actively pissed off at participation awards. I don't want to spend all day at a Track Meet once or twice a year being outrun, outjumped, outthrown by the bigger kids and this little bit of blue or purple ribbon is an insult.

The so called millennials (kids born from about 1980 to early 90s) didn't really receive these a whole lot. I didn't anyway. But today's kids (like 95-today) yes absolutely being spoiled and they're probably fucked. Maybe I'm wrong dunno.

the most important thing you can do is never show them love. that'll soften em up real quick.

My only problem with baby boomers is that they are not retiring, they are holding the jobs until death meaning, at least in my area, no jobs are available for me

Is this logic also true for memes?

The boomers are by far the worst generation ever. I like reading the obituaries to see that they are starting to die off.

Y is the Millennials IIRC.

No, I don't think it is very smart, it's a bird after all.

... for themselves. Remember, the greatest generation fought the war, but also fought the civil rights movement.

(yes I am generalizing)