Military veterans defy Jeff Sessions, fight for medical marijuana to kick opioid addiction

Military veterans defy Jeff Sessions, fight for medical marijuana to kick opioid addiction
Military veterans defy Jeff Sessions, fight for medical marijuana to kick opioid addiction

Jeff Sessions can smoke a bunch of peens. I am tired of these old politicians who grew up during the reefer madness era promoting legislation bashing marijuana usage.

..its not so much reefer madness to blame but the massive donations from pharmacutical companies to politicians.

It's because Jeff Sessions is dog shit.

And police forces? I dunno if they donate but they tend to enjoy all that funding they get from the war on drugs.

Vet here, the only thing that kept me from suck starting my gun after coming back from Afghanistan was not the va perscribed pill cocktail (antianxiety, antipsychotics, sleep pills, etc) it was being able to roll up a humongous blunt at my own leisure. Weed kept me around and helped me out of the dark place I was in, alongside friends and family, physical fitness, and just learning to be a normal person again. I told my docs that I used cannabis, and they were okay with it, it was the binge drinking they were concerned about. Instead of prohibition of cannabis the govt should preach reduction of alcohol intake

...and the private prison industry that profits from lengthy drug sentences.

VA Secretary David Shulkin has admitted medical marijuana might help veterans, but he won't allow VA doctors to officially recommend marijuana until the federal law changes. And the stance from Attorney General Jeff Sessions — that regardless of state legalization efforts, the federal government should prosecute — could mean trouble for veterans using medical cannabis.

Pretty close-minded for Sessions not to consider alternative situations where cannabis can be beneficial.

Here we are sending cars into outer space but a proven helpful plant is still frowned upon.

Don't forget about big tobacco and alcohol

Fellow vet.

Cannabis > alcohol

In pretty much every way.

And the casino industry. No, seriously, casino's are against legal weed.

Edit: Sheldon Adelson is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. He is also a GOP megadonor. He has been very public about his anti-pot stance, and is willing to pay big bucks to see it stay illegal.

2/7/2018 - The "We can put a man on the moon but" construct is finally dead.

Gentle reminder that his policies and ideas are mainstream in Republican spheres.

We won't get legal, or even decriminalized, pot while the GOP is in charge.

You can gamble your life's savings away without a second thought blasted out of your mind drunk, but might have a hard time parting with 20 dollars after a little MJ usage

The GOP is really, really shooting themselves in the foot fucking with Vets.

Yet millions of their supporters will fall for the flag commercials yet again come election time.

Good, another option other than more pills.

RNC: We're the ones helping veterans!

People: Oh cool, you should give veterans access to medicinal marijuana for PTSD and kicking opioid dependence and stuff.


People: But there are countless studies that suggest THC and CBD are eff-


"nah, dude, that's like...5 pizzas right there"

Edit: Guys...frozen pizzas. Plenty of them go for less than $4 a piece

Then please vote against them. Thank you.

Thanks for being gentle, those reminders usually hurt. But not as much as republican policy hurts disabled veterans and other non-wealthy Americans.

It's because they're targeting people who support the veterans, which is a much larger demographic than people who actually served. They're the ones falling for this dog and pony show, because they aren't directly effected by the policies. We say we want to help our veterans, but the simplest way would be to fix the VA, which we haven't done. Instead we're putting more money into defense spending, and building a wall, and upping ICE, and persecuting the LGBTQ community, which isn't what the veterans want, necessarily, but it is what the demographic that falls for flag waving wants.

Yet I can buy a beer 50ft away from where I work, but if I piss hot, I'll get kicked out.

There are plenty of great reasons to use marijuana besides opioid addiction. That shouldn’t be why we want to legalize.

Also, call your friends in the middle of the country and ask them to do the same.

"We can put a Tesla roadster in orbit around Mars" and we can put a man on the moon.

GOP doesnt give a shit about vets. They don't give vets good healthcare or benefits. The VA is a shitshow because they veto any attempt to increase its funding. Remember when they wouldn't give the 911 responders healthcare? Then Jon Stewart went around shaming them on camera until they did. I 'member

Jeff Session is a moron. He doesn't believe in science, quoted saying "I thought those guys [the Ku Klux Klan] were OK until I learned they smoked pot," what a POS

Edit: Added source “I thought those guys [the Ku Klux Klan] were OK until I learned they smoked pot.” Link

As a veteran, I can at least speak for myself, and I can try to give the perspective of other vets/active duty members whom I know. What we all tend to agree on is that this country is fucked, the GOP isn't actually out to help vets (and never has been), and its literally all Just propaganda bullshit that we see through. Just because people have served doesn't mean they are ignorant or stupid, and that's what the GOP assumes. It's not usually the vets that fall for the political bullshit, but the wannabe's and the supporters whom never actually served themselves. Those people tend to be the big problem, and its them getting offended 'for' vets/active duty/police/whatever that cause all the trouble. A good example is all of the bullshit about NFL players sitting during the anthem, where it is somehow claiming to be disrespecting vets. No it's not. No vet thinks that. Standing up for your own rights and the freedom to make your own decisions is a fundamental part of being a citizen, or at least, it should be. Fact is, vets and active military members tend to support the guys kneeling during NFL games, because they have a right to do it, have a good reason to do it, and only fucking idiots are indoctrinated so much that they feel they 'must' respect a fucking flag at a sports game. That flag doesn't mean shit. The citizens do. Black men and women are fundamentally more important as citizens of america than some flag that is just a representation of the nation they help make up. The ones complaining are always supporters of the military, or more likely, wannabe warriors who imagine themselves fighting, yet never actually doing it.

Agreed, but the endorsement of military vets opens the door.

The driver was probably using Apple Maps or something...

Apparently we can't put a Tesla into orbit yet, but we can send them into the asteriod belt. Were getting close. One mis-step for mankind, one gigantic miscalculation for one poor Tesla Roadster.

This, and I'm a guy who's a veteran business owner in the south who's way up in middle age, and doesn't do weed. Any politician who's gung ho about locking people up for soft drugs is not getting my support, period. I'm tired of this shit.

Pretty much same story here, and for a lot of guys I served with that made it back home from OIF/OEF.

3 weeks back home and find out I have fatty liver disease from drinking too much - start smoking pot with a California medical license and my need to do all of the self destructive shit I was doing went away.

Might not be for everyone, but for people that it works for it sure is nice.

Shrink says there's still a lot of unknowns about Marijuana and doesn't ever give an open opinion on it further than that. It's a fucking tragedy that Government legislation has held back research on it for so many decades because the shit is 100% safer than benzos and opiates.

Outside of the context of the damage that they're doing to our society and to humanity at-large, this shit is hilarious.

Idk about anyone else, but casinos have the worst vibe ever to me even if I'm sober. Get me high and I would want NOTHING TO DO with those terrible vibes

Where are you buying 5 pizzas for 20 dollars?

Edit: now that I'm home, and high, your post totally makes sense. fuck.

It would be hilarious if GOP policy weren't actively causing misery for some of the least fortunate people in the country, including disabled veterans.

GOP policy actively harms disabled combat vets.

They've been fucking with vets for decades but they're still the "pro-military" party. Its fucking psychotic but people fall for it, vets included. Theres a marine in my office who, by his own word, hates Hillary more than Trump because she "lied about being in combat".

Apparently draft dodging and insulting POWs and Gold Star families to their faces is cool as long as you have the magic R.

Wait, is there a middle of the country? I always fly over that area..

Don't insult dog shit! At least dog shit comes from dogs, and dogs are awesome.

Funding in the form of civil asset forfeiture.

"Is that a spliff? Empty out your wallet, kingpin."

Police in the US seize more private property from people who are never charged or convicted of a crime than is stolen.

Police in the US seize more private property than is stolen. Fun little factoid

I never used marijuana in the military and was mis-educated about the dangers of its use. After several years of using opioids to treat pain and the prescription raised to 9x the initial dose, I tried medical marijuana and it works great! I didn't just change one drug for another, I rarely use medical marijuana and there's no physical addiction!

It amazes me that our societies have essentially outlawed and villianized a natural substance that works better than most pharmaceutical and has far less side effects.

Yup. Trump Supporters make America inferior.

Unfortunately, I have at least 3 Vietnam veteran family members and an active duty brother-in-law who truly believe Republicans are the party of "Veterans first" and Democrats hate out veterans and prioritize illegal immigrants over them.

I wish it was just idiots who've never served who fall for the GOP's bullshit on this topic, but at least in my firsthand experience, it's not, and that sucks.

This comment will likely be lost in the flood of already existing comments but here goes.

As a currently serving member, I think federally legalizing marijuana and also letting military members use it, would have much more of a positive effect rather than a negative one.

For instance, we just had a brand new guy, 19 or 20, smoke one time and guess what? He got kicked out, all minor paperwork was skipped and he got the boot. This kid was a good guy, and performed well in his job. The military right now is struggling to retain people, first of all the traditional pension for anyone who joins after Jan 2018 is gone, a reason so many people signed up. Next, morale is plummeting due to enforcement of shitty rules and regulations that are either severely outdated or straight up asinine, yet they kick people out immediately for smoking weed.

Back at my old duty station, we had several people get DUIs, some of them lost rank and continued to serve, while others lost rank and were forced to separate at the end of their enlistment...for a DUI. That's still a more lenient punishment than what you get for smoking weed and alcohol is arguably many times more dangerous.

If the federal government and DoD would wise up, they'd make it legal for serving members to use it, with restrictions just like (and maybe more strict even) than alcohol. Eg don't smoke within X amount of time before performing duties, no smoking at work, no smoking in uniform, etc. I feel this would help those serving who currently struggle with certain issues, as well as veterans who continue to do so.

Close to Little Caesar’s price.

Trump supporters actively harm combat veterans through their votes.

yo I could buy a couple of nugs with that

But all who voted against, were Dems.

This is always how it is and yet this bullshit false equivalency always gets made. All the opposition to some of America's largest mistakes came from the left.

The GOP is never conflicted about the shitty things they want to do. They've never seen a war they didn't want fight, a poor person they don't want to fuck, or a corporation they don't want to bend over for - never.

They vote like a reflexive block for everything bad, without any dissenting voice, because the GOP punishes individualism ironically.

One exception being Ron Paul, but he's gone now. He's been just about the only Republican in 30 years that dared defy his Party.

Reagan set this standard with his Eleventh Commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican" I.e. "shut up and vote like you're told, sheep." No dissent. No debate.

But legal marijuana is actually a great source of income for the government, and hemp has a ton of different uses li-


"There is no magic cure for hangovers" says the man who apparently has never had hashbrowns.

Well, a good amount of medical marijuana would be in pill form, but yeah.

Over a decade ago the GOP sent thousands of soldiers to die and sentenced tens of thousands of soldiers to a life full of physical and mental illness for a pointless war. I know it's pointless because if the litmus test is soldiers fight for our freedoms and securities, we'd be just as free and secure today regardless of Saddam's current situation in Iraq.

Don't tell me the GOP cares about the military when they send so many soldiers to die for no reason.


Sessions is superceding those pesky things. He's encouraging federal prosecutors to pursue cases even if its legal on a state level.

Don't you love all this freedom?

THC and cbd pills are great. Even if you can handle the smoke, not inhaling shit is so much better for everyone.

I was about to say. I’ve talked with a lot of people and it seems that alcohol is a bigger lobbying force than Pharma.

If weed was legal, pharma would hop on that shit. Soon, we’d have weed with no munchies! Weed with no no drowsiness! Weed capsules! No aftertaste! All brand name, all for insane prices.

Pharma can turn weed into money. Alcohol is alcohol. There is no magic cure for hangovers and it’s been the same for years with relatively no innovation. That’s where the money is coming from.

Wanna rot your lungs with tobacco? Go ahead.

Wanna drink yourself into a coma? Go ahead.

Wanna get high from some pretty much harmless plant? Off to jail you go.

This makes me happy. I was just introduced to weed not long ago and it's done wonders for me that the VA never could.

And of course they use it to fund themselves at tax payers expense. MILLIONS for their "war on drugs" for which they have the balls to claim "success" in because they locked up 16-year old Billy the pot head for having half a joint in his pocket, while the country drowns in an opiate crisis.

I really have no idea what standard could make you hate McCain and Hillary but not Trump.

Casinos should get it legalized and then set up snack shops on the gambling floor. They'd clean up.

The legal marijuana movement has really dropped the ball by not adopting the "support our vets" slogan

Chris Christie is one of his bitches, he fought to make gambling more accessible and let casinos start online casinos... but he said marijuana ruins lives because people don't know when to stop.

Let that sink in.

No magic cure for hangovers, except for weed.

Most Dems voted for war too. The elites at the top don't give a fuck about the peons. Republican or Democrat

And the construction and textile industry.

Fellow vet as well.

Prozac, , celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft all suck dicks. It's no fun not sleeping for 4 days straight and when you do you dream of seeing your children's faces melt off.

Quit working for the DoD early December and quit the medicines cold turkey. A few hits every 2-3 days and I'm myself again.

Probably, in certain areas. Minorities are perceived as more likely to use marijuana, and perceived as more likely to vote liberal. By keeping weed illegal, there is a convenient avenue to bring felony charges against people, barring them from voting.

So they steal it.

Because Republicans don't actually give a shit about veterans. They're just convenient talking points for their bully pulpit.

Similar story here. Airborne Infantryman OEF 2012. Cannabis has helped me through a couple of seriously bad times. Its amazing how a solid bong hit can help you think of alternatives to suicide.

Now you understand.

I hope you're doing better now.

Why would veterans be compelled to obey anything from this administration? Why would we defend corrupt and ignorant old scum? We took an oath to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. I’d say working with the Russians to subvert our democracy is about as big of a domestic enemy as it gets. Fuck everyone in the Trump admin.

Everyone should do this. Screw federal ban on marijuana. They can't arrest everyone.

Pretty sure SpaceX could have put it in orbit, but Mars is a strictly scientific mission only zone, so putting the equivalent of a block of concrete in orbit isn't exactly going to fly permit wise.

Instead they opted for a heliocentric orbit of Earth and Mars. Turns out the 2nd stage was even better they said fuck it, send it out to the asteroid belt!

Mars is protected as a sort of preserve. We are incredibly concerned about potentially contaminating the environment there with organisms from Earth. If such a thing were to happen we could potentially wipe out any life that may have existed on Mars, or could spend billions of dollars researching things only to discover we brought it with us later.

"Accidentally" landing something that wasn't rigorously prepped and sanitized on the surface of Mars would be a yuge issue.

Most US Attorneys and law enforcement agencies in states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational and medical use are ignoring Sessions by continuing to follow their own state laws that are already in place, keeping it business as usual.

That's the fucking worst part. Police are not consistent ANYWHERE. Most are not bad people and are looking out for you, but you can't trust them not to shoot your dog in front of you and then put a bullet in the back of your head either. I wish I was exaggerating.

I fucking hate Apple Maps. Never again.

Which isn't surprising given that conservative thought is at its base driven by fear and/or hatred of supposed and often imaginary bad events or "Other" groups.

The insane amount of money they support on military spending: "We have to protect the country from non-specified enemies (or enemies who couldn't touch us still even if we halved military spending)!" = paranoia and fear

Opposition to single payer health: "Death panels! Moochers that will drain our taxes!" etc. = more paranoia and fear along with hatred for people they see as lazy or undeserving of health care just because they make less money

Economic policy: Trickle down and other such bullshit that focuses on helping the already massively wealthy and not actually giving a damn about anyone else = driven by hatred for the poor and other people "beneath" them

Immigration: "Secret terrorists!" (even though far more American born people have committed terrorism here than any immigrants) "Moochers!" (even though undocumented immigrants are still paying taxes on income or unavoidable taxes like sales tax, all while not being able to receive benefits since they are, you know, undocumented and not here legally) = driven by hatred and fear of people who are different or "Other"

The point is that the list goes on. Take any republican or conservative view point and at its core you'll find that their argument is driven by fear or hatred of change or anything different, instead of any positive ideal like equality, health, safety etc. This is why through out human history progressives have always had to drag conservatives into the future kicking and screaming; why every major governmental or social change (wider acceptance of science over theology, rights for non-whites, rights for women, rights for non-heterosexuals etc.) has always been a hard won fight against conservative elements.

We can see this defined more clearly by recognizing that since the beginning of the human race and any kind of society, you always have two fundamental groups. Those who embrace change and seek out the new, who want to explore new places and ideas, and do so because they want to try to improve society. Then you have those who are afraid of change, who tell people to be afraid of exploring that new land, to be afraid of a new technology or way of doing things.

This is also (not coincidentally) the cause of religion in society, to try to give a reason where there is none, a reason for others to listen to unfounded fear of change all to maintain the status quo. It is not a coincidence that conservatives are more religious, and more fundamentally religious, than progressives. The same impulses and thoughts that cause fear and anxiety over the unknown, which lead to a need for the comfort of strong religious belief, leads to strong conservatism.

In fact, there are been multiple studies that show that conservatives are at their core driven more heavily by fear and anxiety and disgust than progressives.

This core difference is the difference between hope vs fear. The difference between progressiveness and conservatism.

edit: added and clarified a few points.

"There is no scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of Marijuana or its derivatives as medical treatments."

-The agency currently preventing the legitimate study or marijuana and its derivatives

They can be kind of fun if you're allergic to wasting money on gambling. The people watching is out of this world. The incessant noise always wears me down eventually tho.

I believe I've heard all of this coming out of my own mouth, as a veteran.

Supply and demand. I'm near Portland, Oregon.

We've literally got more than we know what to (state) legally do with.

I didn't, but I'm also somewhat rational.

Military personnel come from the entire spectrum. One soldier I served with was a successful wall street broker. Another had an IQ that some dogs might surpass and grew up in a camo house in the deep South.

It just depends.

I am from Oregon, so I already knew what was available before I got out. Got my medical almost as soon as I got out.

I let my medical card lapse because I don't want to be on any lists that bastard Sessions might try to get his hands on (legally or otherwise), though it may be too late.

I still buy, but it's significantly more expensive to buy recreationally. The dispensary I go to, fortunately, offers a veteran's discount, though it's nothing like the medical card was.

Fuck this administration. I have chronic back pain from a spinal injury while I was in. I don't want to be reliant on opiates. Or, for that matter, completely fucking addicted, as opiates tend to do.

Of course, if there weren't opiates, I'd still use cannabis for pain management. It's a genuinely great solution with few real drawbacks.

It also keeps me away from alcohol. I don't even know how to relate that worth.

"We have people killing themselves with opiates en masse, but what we really need to focus on is this extremely useful plant that probably hasn't killed anybody! What, me, bought off? Preposterous!"

Not just pot laws. A long list of very asinine laws, including the pot laws.

You're right, the conservative stance would be to let people do what they want as long as they don't hurt each other. This is one of the ways that the modern GOP is no longer a conservative party so much as an authoritarian one, in my opinion.

In either case, the cure here is to find more moderate conservative voices within the GOP. If you want to be a part of that and keep holding your reps accountable for common sense legislation like pot and NN, I support you.

It’s crazy how almost every vet (in a certain age demographic) thinks the same way. It’s very reassuring.

Don't forget about my grampappy

It just baffles me. It’s a cash crop, and I’m republican because I endorse a free market and individual liberties.

I’ll personally never smoke the plant, but I feel like keeping it illegal is against the core of being conservative.

It may just be because I’m a new generation, but I’ll never understand the logic.

Additionally the other 1% I don’t support him on was net neutrality, wrote him for that. Didn’t get a response.

They should have just sent it to Mars, and then been like, "Whoops! Well, accidents happen, right NASA?..... RIGHT, NASA?!"

No. Don’t believe the fake news.

That is correct.

“Where the fuck is this uber taking me”