Mike Pence IRL

Mike Pence IRL

Who led the transition team? Pence. Who was communicating with Mike Flynn while he was working with Russians? Pence. Lock him up.

Who was told not to hire Flynn by both Obama and Christie? Pence.

Who was told to hire Flynn by Kushner? Pence.




Jeff Sessions: "I remember nothing"

Lol this whole administration is straight out of Hogan's Heroes! Sorry white nationalists but your god emperor is really just an inept Nazi.

"I do not recall "

I’m concerned our attorney general may have dementia...

“But if I did recall it would be me, dressed like Uncle Sam, bravely standing up for the United States of Merica, against the illegal acts that I don’t recall everyone around me committing.”

The entire administration is like a catalog of mental disorders

Who controls the British Crown, who keeps the Metric system down? We dooo, we dooo

Who keeps the martians under wraps, who keeps Atlantis off the maps? We dooo, we dooo

It should say "We should electrocute gay people to keep them out of hell."