Microsoft Releases Office Remote For Android, An App To Control Powerpoints And Other Office Presentations On PC

Microsoft Releases Office Remote For Android, An App To Control Powerpoints And Other Office Pres...

Tested it and it is pretty good. Emphasis on simplicity helps a lot, because the last thing I want to do while presenting in front is to fumble on my phone searching for the right button. An option to use WiFi would probably be nice (heck, there's the WiFi symbol right in the app icon!), because Bluetooth can be limited in range and easily disrupted if there's too many 2.4GHz signal in the area.

For now I think I'll keep on using Unified remote instead, works with both wifi and Bluetooth.

linkme: Unified remote

Used to use this on Windows Phone and it works over WiFi too I think. Bluetooth is used to establish device handshake only I suppose.

This has been a feature of LibreOffice for a while now. And LibreOffice works on Wi-Fi, not just Bluetooth.

Throws off a connection error and asked to reconnect (same WiFi and all that). Turning BT back on and reconnect solves it. This is definitely 100% BlueTooth for now.

In certain situations, there is a desktop set up as a given room's presentation computer. It's usually not so much a matter of it being impossible to hook up a laptop, but whether it is easy enough to switch the hardware hookups over and/or getting incompetent IT or management to let you do it.

Just tested with WiFi off (and mobile data off, too, just in case). It definitely work with just Bluetooth.

Like this:

Notice how the page was first edited 26 months ago. I've been using it for college presentations on Wi-Fi for a year, it's fast and has never failed me. It even has a 'laser pointer'. :P

Now turn of Bluetooth during presentation and de if the connection drops. Have both devices on the same Wi-Fi network though.

now we just need batteries that last a presentation life

What, it requies bluetooth on my PC?

Most laptops I've ever dealt with, at least in the last 5 years, all have bluetooth onboard. I can't for the life of me remember the last time I saw a presentation being carried out from a desktop computer.

Unified Remote - Price: Free - Rating: 88/100 - Search for "Unified remote" on the Play Store

Source Code | Feedback/Bug report

Speaking as one of those "lazy IT people" who lock things down hard (I work as a Systems Administrator for a fairly large company), allow me to assure you that we don't lock things down hard for shits and giggles.

It's because people like you will bring your piece-of-shit low quality USB made-in-China hardware that you bought on eBay a couple bucks and you'll plug it into my infrastructure without asking me (because hey, it's just a USB device, what could go wrong), and then, you'll unplug it when you're done and smirk and say "See? Nothing happened! Calm down.".

When in reality, I have no idea if your shit just dropped some malware on my network. It's up to me to sweat and worry that you might have just introduced some contaminant into a network that I carefully maintain. I have to keep an eye on server logs, vulnerability reports, and a whole boatload of monitoring tools on a daily basis, but now I have to be weary of what I see because you thought it was a good idea to plug your own stuff into my network. This is stupid easy to do: I have had to mitigate this before on my network because of some clueless shmuck that brought some music on his flash drive to listen to while he was in one of the labs.

I'm so tired of the bad rap that I get from people that say "God why is this so complicated, at home I'd be done already, annoying-ass IT...". It's not my fucking job to make your life easy. It's my job to keep the network that you depend on, the one that you have to utilize on a daily basis to make the money that feeds your children and puts a roof over your head, that network, completely safe.

Because when shit hits the fan and you accidentally introduce CryptoLocker into my network, who's going to be responsible for cleaning it up? Will it be you? No, you're going to sit there saying "I didn't do anything!" while I scramble to choke the malware before it spreads to far and waste a ton of time restoring the backups that I hoped I wouldn't have to use.

Sorry for the rant, just feel there's another side to it that you might not realize.

good lord i would hate to be in your presentation! haha. the longest i have is about 3 hours.

Corporate issue cheapest dell here. No Bluetooth. Definitely have USB 3.0 ports. But no 5GHz Wi-Fi. Don't underestimate the power of companies that sell cheap laptops to an IT department.

They better be paying attention. WiFi is a must for an RC app like this.

Using a Windows Tablet I'd love if Google would put as much effort in cross platform as Microsoft does these days. Sure I have all the features in the browser and I can use the desktop version of Chrome but this is an argument for Windows as a tablet platform and not Google trying to keep its competitor down.

Wait, how?