Microsoft Office called out

Microsoft Office called out

If Microsoft didn't respond with: "It looks like you are trying to be witty; Would you like some help with this?" then they really missed a trick.

I think it makes it better. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hohooo nice

His username ruins it

there should be a trademark paperclip account to do low key insults

Yeah this is a lame attack at a company that didn't do anything to you. That guy is stupid

yeah what he said

Called out by what? Of course they have to be friendly why wouldn’t they be? It’s someone’s job to do that, there’s no mystery here

This. It's pretty much impossible to get a real human rep to troubleshoot anything for you, it's all FAQs (not exaggerating, in over 90% of my personal experience they're completely fucking useless, barely related and almost never provide a relevant solution or even anything close to one), their community representatives (or actually I'm not 100% sure how those come to be, I think it's just experienced users that answer other people's questions) on the forums get super-defensive when you try to criticize their shit, I read one topic on an MS Word issue just the other day and the community rep actually resorted to ad hominem against the OP to defend Word. Their marketing/design choices are horrible, look at their products full of ads for more of their piece of shit products, overpriced updates for their software with major redesigns in some niche areas that only keep making users more and more frustrated. I'm not even going to get into bugs (especially Skype & Lync) as that's way too much to type (ironically, I'm about 240% positive this is their exact approach to writing their code).

Jesus fuck, how can anyone in their right mind support Microsoft? I've already lost track of what I wanted to say in this comment cause there's just so many issues I have with MS (especially MS Office) that it's just a huge, messy, tangled ball of shit in my head at this point. Just like Microsoft products.

And no, I'm not a Linux/Apple fanboi, I do use Windows 7 and actually like it.

Edit: The following is just my own conspiracy theory based on experience but I'm pretty sure google/bing hide bad results regarding Microsoft. Some still slip through but I absolutely refuse to believe that to my searching "ms excel is a god damn cancer plague that needs to fucking die already" (not exact search but something regarding an actual issue I don't remember anymore) the entire first result page is full of articles like "10 amazing Excel features you didn't know exist" or "Microsoft wows their consumer base with their latest version of Word"

Yeah nah yeah fuck off