MFW filling taxes after my first post-college job

MFW filling taxes after my first post-college job

Welcome to the rest of your life. :-)

My liberal sister started a business last year, and had to do small business taxes for the first time. It was incredibly frustrating for her, and she kept joking that she was turning into a libertarian. She said that joke an awful lot of times though...

It always starts off as a joke. That's how I remember my transformation, anyway.

It doesn't stay a joke for long. Two powerful forces, taxation and inflation, make wealth generation and accumulation basically impossible unless you come from wealth and your family already owns assets.

Taxation limits your ability to save, and what you do save, devalues at 3-5% a year thanks to inflation. You have to properly invest just to not fall behind.

Hahah this is gold

We need another one for when you're self employed

Fantastic. To the top with you!

Or for the first time a liberal goes from working for a wage to being self employed-- and has to start writing quarterly estimated tax checks for self employment tax, federal income tax, and state income tax. I imagine there's a high percentage of "conversion" after that.

If everyone had to write a check to pay their taxes instead of their taxes automatically being taken out of their check, the federal tax rate would be 10% tops.

God bless.

Haha... saving this!

The only people I know that after college did not become conservative work for the government or colleges. They can't get fired, get raises every year and are basically useless do nothing virtue signaling wastes of space.