Meth babes

Meth babes

tuna on sourdough IS NOT a pie.

Dental hygienist here! The loss of vertical dimension in her face indicates she does not have any teeth. If you see how her mandible is protruded with a permafrown, she has significant bone loss. Her teeth would have to be made out of kevlar to resist the intrusive force.

Good god you just turned my stomach.. You have my upvote.

There is a group on FB called meth babes?

Hey man they go in your mouth. Hope this helps with the discomfort some.

Thank god she isn't smiling, I'd hate to see what those teeth look like.

Looks like it's from having no teeth

Yea. Just checked it out and promptly deleted from my search history.

I'd love to know the science behind meth face. It's so unmistakable. Does it cause atrophy of the facial muscles?

Promptly marked as deleted.

Thanks, NSA!

Ever try to pull apart a grilled cheese?

Since nobody gave this an honest answer, here goes. Meth tightens up your muscles. The more meth is consumed, the more muscles start acting weird. Thats why users fidget nonstop. It is most apparent in the mouth because it causes users to grind their teeth and clench their jaws. The smoke from smoking it is terrible on the teeth. Its so toxic that it literally eats the enamel off and weakens teeth so much they end up rotting out.

The sad part is, even once users clean up, they never come fully back. Either their teeth need massive repair or their facial muscles never fully return to normal.

Meth and Heroin are by far the most physically dangerous drugs out there. One physically changes you forever and the other physically addicts you forever.

Does it classify as bread if the yeast is still rising?

you just turned my stomach

I'm a big fan of vagina, low calorie and high in dolphin noises if you do it right, but this is a bit much...

It's how turtles evolved. Source: Am science person.

So THAT'S why they look like that! I have been wondering for a while. Basically, an ELI5 version would be that her teeth are missing so her jaw is sort of imploding like a dying star?

Technically, anything you bake in the oven is a type of pie.

Basically her mouth is over-closing because her teeth aren't there to hold it open. Over time with no teeth her jaw bones will fade away and the problem will get worse. I saw a lot of people in there mid to late 20s who looked like this in dental school.

Why are permanent retainers such a pain in the ass?

I'd hate to see what that tooth looks like.


Oh haha. No dental school doesn't ruin your teeth, just your sense of humor.

Even a plain old pie is a pie.


I have a neighbor like this, her whole mouth works funny whenever I have to talk to her. Theres lots of extra movements, especially for vowels, that I dont understand whats going on, and have a hard time paying attention even. But when it closes, it seems to shift around a bit before finding the closed position and she kinda has an expression that matches whats in this picture.

WHAT is this, just missing teeth? Maybe its like the molars are gone and theres nothing to land on back there?

You can be a regular alcohol user and die at the age of 90. That's not exactly something that can be done with heroin or meth.

I can't find it. Totally crushed.

I'm sad I couldn't find this group. But when I searched Facebook for it, I found this photo, which makes up for not finding it somewhat:

I'm sad I couldn't find this group. But when I searched Facebook for it, I found this photo, which makes up for not finding it somewhat:

You just ruined my favorite sandwich for me. Fuck you, man. :(

She's only probably 25 so...ok I guess she could be a grandma


Actually that was a joke on your ambivalent phrasing.

Like, people who went to dental school with you looked like this.

Man, dental school must be rough.

I'll just look at my brother's friends list.

best group on facebook, its one of the few super trashy groups that hasnt been overwhelmed by people who are there ironically

I never really understood the cause of this, but my wife and I have adopted it into our own personal vernacular as the "Trailer Park Smile."

We add to our mental collection of these every time we're forced to go to Walmart for something.

You disgusting bastardized

One of my friends jokingly added me and a few of our mutuals to this group. Turns out, our other friends then get that group as a suggestion. It's a solid group to be in if you want to feel better about yourself.

Her face is too squishy around her mouth to have teeth.

Go on...

Thanks KenM

alright dude I know this is the internet but you can't just say whatever you want.

Those were the worst days of my life, it was the gummer of 69. Oooooh yeaah!

lmfao you are welcome my friend.

It generally was terrible, but there are bright spots. The sad cases are sometimes the best, because you get to help someone who really needs it


The smoke itself isn't really bad for teeth. However it causes dry mouth which, over a long enough period of time and without proper care, is devastating to teeth. They also tend to crave sweets.

Late fourties? Try late eighties.

Haha that's a pretty general statement. What about them? They trap plaque and make it hard for you to keep clean, but are you having a problem with your bite, sensitivity, irritation?

She puts that much effort into hear appearance, but still has methface. I don't get it!


I'd check my cousin's but most of the friends from his meth days are pretty dead now.

It's called "meth mouth" around here.

Actually alcohol is rated highest in terms of harm

David Nutt did this study

Also interestingly, alcohol directly kills about 3 million people per year which is insane.

Start up a new one. Lmao

for a few seconds I thought she was actually offering a late thanksgiving meal. like leftovers, a blanket and tv.

Does anyone have a link to that group?

Didn't think /sub/trashy could get any more sad. I guess I was right.

Those melons though... ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

Send a link in PM? I can't find the page and it's ruining my morning.

The only real side effect of opiates is constipation. Heroin is dangerous because of adulterants, unknown purity, and perhaps bad lifestyle choices made by addicts. People who get hooked on oxycontin have their lives wrecked, but they're physically okay.


Muscle tightening, yes. Never seen any studies that show the physical smoke is harmful for your teeth.

When I did meth, the ones with rotten teeth are the people who would stay awake for a week at a time away from home and not brush.


She looks like she has a a permanent snapchat filter on her face.

Think it's been closed :/

Oh, come on, you have to understand variables.

Alcohol only has worse statistics because more people consume it. You're not comparing these things 1:1.

If just as many people did heroin and meth as people who drink alcohol, heroin and meth would be way worse statistically.

What you're proposing is like saying an exploding nuclear bomb is less dangerous than alcohol, since more people have died from alcohol than from nuclear bombs.

I've heard it called that as well, I usually pronounce it as Meff Mouff when I call it that.

I get it.

I also took some science classes 15 years ago, you're right.

What are you defining as a "regular user"? A person drinking a liter of vodka a day or a person who drinks 2-3 beers a night? There are tons of people with opiate addictions who lead productive lives, and take oxycontin or hydrocodone on a regular basis. As well, there are tons of folks who abuse ritalin and other prescription drugs on the regular, and maintain a reasonable life. Even famous, wealthy people are in these ranks. It's the ones who lose control or aren't in an economic position to be able to afford to go the "legal" route that typically crash and burn on street drugs in the spectacular manner we see sensationalised as the ultimate end state of drug use.

I don't get it

I just looked it up, and now I'm glad I don't have any daughters.

I don't get why I'd want to eat a pie under my blankets. I don't need the crumbs in my sheets. That's how you get ants.

TIL cakes and frozen french fries are pies.

thats methed up

Your rent's due, Munson.

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I hate the be the one who breaks kayfabe, but here's the source :

As long as the wood is also

Gum til ya cum.

Did you make a meth?

We have found the universal limit of free speech, this comment right here. If you invented a time machine, and brought Benjamin Franklin forward in time so that he could read this comment, he would go back and tear the whole thing up.

"Fuck it, lets stay British. You don't want to know what happens if we don't."

Reddit has desensitized me from so many things- when I see a pic from this sub there's always so much going on it's hard to focus on one this guy puts that much effort into transitioning, and has methface? Maybe it's not methface, it's just...because it's a guy? Idk what the hell is going on anymore, lol

I wonder if she has a full time job.


I'm an epidemiologist

Most people don't know why people's jaws sink in. And the original comment stated she had teeth. I was just clearing things up a bit. I know you don't have to be a hygienist to notice it.

Poor woman, I hope she finds some happiness in her life to replace the meth.

I've had a permanent retainer in my mouth for quite some time and it's just a nuisance.

I keep reminding myself to go to my orthodontist and have it removed (which I think is a quick process) but I'm a lazy sack of shit.

piece of goddamned, motherfucking

What big teeth she doesn't have!


Sign me the fuck up.

Source: Was rave promoter. Not claiming to be a doctor.

Be sure to let the FDA know that there are no safe doses of Adderall, Vyvanse, or Ritalin. They're all amphetamines. They're not the street level bullshit like "crank" or "meth" or "crystal", but they're amphetamines developed by chemists for specific purposes and sold to the public as medicine.

ffs, gross, take your nasty upvote and go wash your hands.

Weird that the bone disintegrates. Most bones don't do that over time, right?

After reading this thread I am inordinately happy that my mum was such a brushing-and-flossing nazi when I was a kid. I have all my own teeth and no fillings at 33. :)

Dammit Grandma!

I have no idea how old she is but losing teeth and bone mass in your mouth area (sorry to be so technical) ages you decades. I'd be surprised if she were anywhere close to 40 only because meth seems to grab so many young people and sucks away their youth quickly.

Do you have evidence of that? Sure the lifestyle is dangerous but if taken with normal precaution, heroin is safer than oxycontin or even vicodin. The danger comes from not knowing what you're getting because no regulation.