Metal molding?

Metal molding?

Though it does look metallic, I don't think any metal can form this way. It appears to be a luggage shell.

Yeah, that's plastic sure enough.

This is most definitely plastic. I don't think even the softest metal can be deformed by a vacuum like that.

You can tell by the way it is

When it ballooned I was like, “that doesn’t seem” then it was vacuumed and I was like, “yeah no.”

Thermo-form. This is a plastic process, not metal. The only force acting on it at the end is atmospheric pressure. The plastic is heated so it is soft enough to deform.

You nearly can, you just have to heat it up loads first. It's called superplastic forming. I'm fairly sure that's not what's happening in this gif though, the metal would have to be hot enough to at least glow and I think they usually do superplastic forming in a sort of oven to keep it hot. Plus I don't think you could make metal bow out into the bubble shape first.

pressure/vacuum formed plastic

All true. Plus for aluminum work they just have a monster press slam it down over a form. This is that trendy plastic they use for luggage.

Thats neat

Whatever it is it was really satisfying.

That's a no from me too dog.

It can if you raise the pressure on the other side to 1000 atmospheres or so.

How neat is it?


I need a video. I shall return with research.


We don't, because even they were unsure about it


0.0001" Al 6061-O


There is , though.

ABS or polycarb. I sell these luggages and the cheap stuff is all ABS.

Ok now how do we make OP feel bad about this?

So, aluminum foil?

I stand corrected i guess

This thermoforming technique is often use to keep a uniform thickness overall on the part making it stronger. With a box shape with ridges you need all the thickness you need hence blowing the plastic before

you need all the thickness you need

You dont say

I always make sure to pack a little heat.

If you travel for work, your luggage becomes your accessory and wardrobe for the week.

If you assume that those things last twice as long as a cheap piece of luggage and look significantly nicer, the difference is easier to justify.

Confirmed luggage

This guy engineers

I wanted everyone to know it’s plastic, instead of just me and Rodney knowin’ it.

You can tell by the pixels.

what are so good about them? i'm sure they're nice, but i've used luggages for 10+ years that's about half the price and they still hold up

it feels to me that brand is like the Apple or Dyson of luggages where you're paying for the "premium" brand and the design

$580 for some fucking luggage? It's a plastic thing with wheels.

RIMOWA luggage or a knock off RIMOWA from China Use to sell these luggage

That's a metallic-colored plastic. This is essentially vacuum forming. First it heats and blows air in, and then the mold comes up and a vacuum is pulled.

Metal does not behave that way at all.

It's like didn't even look at the way it is

Only if it was so thin that it wouldn’t hold the final structure anyway.


Sometimes they don't think it be like it is, but it do

shaping it through a stamping press is waaay easier than any of that noise.

Metal hydroforming is done at room temp.

Edit: die forming is also done at room temp. These two processes describe the vast majority of complex sheet metal forming, so it is completely incorrect to say that metal can't do this at room temperature.

this video

That video is a slideshow fading between pictures taken of the metal when the process is stopped at different points (this can be seen by looking at the edge of the metal as the pictures transition). The actual process doesn't take place like the original post. The actual process for metal hydroforming is entirely enclosed as shown in .

You mean, it’s not hot enough to glow when it’s at the heat required to form. Everything glows when it’s hot enough.

We should argue about this

That's how you make a hot splashy 'splodey.

Lol gallium

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I could tell by the sound

You could probably press steel into a shape like that when hot enough, but after the initial "dome" press you'd have to do a rehomogenization anneal or forming it over any sort of shape will either break the die or rip the metal due to work hardening. It would be no cheaper than casting.

It is what it is. But it didn't even look like it.

They are worth it. I’ve owned one for 10+ years. Best luggage.

Wow. He did that with just a normal grease gun. I didn't know those things could push out so much pressure or that connection was gonna hold.

The ballooning could have been hydeoforming, but the rest, no

This is a process called vacuum forming. There is a negative suction involved (usually 15-17 psi) to make it do the final form. The bubble at first is a pre-stretch with positive pressure, usually used when there is a deep draw involved in the form.

Jesus that’s expensive luggage.

Welcom tu hirdolic press chAnel.. an tuday

Looks like a luggage.

This is a vacuum sealer.. in the top of the machine is a heat rack that gets the plastic to almost melting point then the sheet is pressurized and below is a mold that is pushed up into the melting plastic. Then the vacuum kicks in and boom it makes an amazing piece!