Merry Christmas from the Obamas!

Merry Christmas from the Obamas!

Who are the other children?

He out here pulling a reverse Thomas Jefferson

Jeez Obama! Enough with this religiously tone deaf garbage. I prefer my season greetings wrapped in a secular box- happy holidays please!

You mean the elves?

That's the first crop of kids born from the people who were sent to the liberal reeducation camps.

I'm sure the comments will be civil and offered with good intentions.

He's looking to undo the Louisiana Purchase??

He did say "holiday season."

Which according to Trump, James Wood and others is enough proof that he's a Christian hating Muslim atheist and a top general in the war on Christmas.

i guess even former presidents suck at wrapping presents

Your comment is going to end up on the front page of T_D as proof that liberals are all in a child smuggling ring headed by the Obama family, and that we sacrifice the children to our dark lord and eternal master Hillary Clinton.

I mean, I'm joking, but I wouldn't actually be super surprised if that happened.

Who are those kids tho?

Their parents were executed for saying "Merry Christmas" by Obama's Sharia Law Enforcement Corps.

Honestly don’t care that he is hoarding little kids. My president.

Fox would have a field day if Obama was still in office.

That moment you check out your ex's twitter and see they're doing better without you.

I dunno about others... but I've seen a number of Obama pics after he left office. And he looks - well - happy. Really happy.

And that makes me feel good.

Where’s Joe?

We miss you barry

Their parents were casualties in the War on Christmas.

And a "Happy Holidays" from Donald Trump!

While Trump is actually saying "Happy holidays".

Fox would go crazy if Obama said happy holidays instead of merry Christmas.

He's erasing the declaration of independence

Proof that Obummer hates Christmas. Secret Muslim identity finally revealed!!

Well it’s a good thing trump allowed all of us to say Merry Christmas again. Even Obama can say it now. /s

Trump's entire presidency is a list of things Obama would've been crucified for if he'd done.

It's almost like he woke up one day and decided to arbitrarily wage war on a non-existent problem for personal gain!

I'm just upset that he said "Merry Christmas" and not "Happy Holidays". Where is this war on Christmas I was promised?

No one has a real answer 😭

It's like seeing your ex making posts where their really happy and you feel a tinge of missing them but also they were so nice that even though you're no longer together you're just super happy that they are happy because they deserve it.

Why didn't I think to put 5 random kids in my family Christmas photo?

I really miss them.

In the box.

This is the only thing I wanted to know but in none of the threads with this tweet is there an answer; it's mostly garbage through and through. Based on the children being in costume and the Obama's not being in costume I'm happy to assume the children are props for the photoshoot. They are probably supposed to be Santa's elves and it should be easy to see why using children and not little people is the right move here.

Fuck. RIP in peace

Does Nic Cage know?

I guess the only thing I can say is

Thanks Obama!

nah, fuck em. Disrespect the sharia enforcement corps and you disrespect me. And you're next, Christmas sympathizer.


Know!? He already has it.

Pointing out hypocrisy isn’t “trolling”.

I mean unless your argument is that someone as pure as Jesus is the only noble and righteous leader, then you’re basically bitching about nothing. Because Obama’s presidency is straddled by Trump and Bush, and they’re some record setting malevolent bastards.

God I miss them...

He's not wrong, though.

They are probably supposed to be Santa's elves and it should be easy to see why using children and not little people is the right move here

Yeah, you don't have to pay children as much as you'd have to pay midgets.

Wew lad

Yes. He is funded ISIS and turned a blind eye to Hezbolah.

well I saw the Obama's doing something nice for me

and I thought

What if there was a socially sanctioned way to publicly display appreciation for a kind action?

You don't really understand hypocrisy, do you?

Oh boy do i have a video for you...


Merry Christmas, you magnanimous big-hearted person. We need more like you in the world

I’m so glad the war on Christmas is over and Obama can continue saying it. I guess this is where all the winning starts.

Is it sad that I almost couldn't tell that this comment chain wasn't genuine?

Without explanation I can only assume you mean he is selling white slaves and letting them rape him

And like send it to everyone in your family without mentioning it at all. Sounds perfect.

Sure dude. Sure.

are you okay?like mentally are you all there

Yeah he's done with it all except maybe teaching/writing, that would have been an hilarious Fuck y'all.

Like Starbucks apparently having a flat out lesbian cup this year? Can't keep up with the deranged outrage.

Not healthy.

I still can’t get over the hatred around Dijon mustard and tan suits.

Well, Trump's own fucking daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren are all Jewish, while both of Obama's children are Christian. So for family purposes, Trump literally has more reason than Obama does to say "Happy Holidays."

And Republicans are supposedly big supporters of Jewish people too, which would make you think they'd be all on board with saying "Happy Holidays" or at least "Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah."

But you know, logic and stuff is not their strong suit.

i don't give a fuck that he was black. he attended multiple christian churches, hosted multiple christian services, was know for praying at least once a day, and only his father was muslim, and not even really as his father was know to be nonreligious and only born to a islamic family. i mean even in his own biography he calls himself a christian and refrences his faith with jesus.... how about you get off this race politic bullshit and pull your head out of your ass.

Quit being intentionally idiotic.

Wow, this post isn't locked! That must mean people are over themselves and the comments are filled with Christmas cheer!


Idk I watched Trump and Melania’s video they put out and he was quoting the bible and the video was very heavily Christmas focused...

Swap the Christian and Muslim terms to make it more believable.


It's OK for Trump to say "Happy Holidays" because we know he's not a secret Muslim since he's white and always tells us how terrible they are.


I wish we could do an experiment where Donald Trump enacts the exact same policies as Obama and see how Trump supporters react.

Christian media already praising Trump for "bringing back Christmas to the White House" as if Obama banned religion or some shit

Seriously, why do people think he is a Muslim? What thing has he ever done to Warant it?

From what I could dig up, this is a photo from 2013 when the Obama's were still in the WH. The children dressed as elves were patients from the National Medical Center and they gave presents to the Obama's.

You're projecting.

Thanks for taking one for the team

What a beautiful family.


It's shameful how donny is acting/speaking, yet Republicans could give less than a fuck. National embarrassment.


Uhhh no. Where did you hear that from? Or are you just trolling?

He's what you call class.

I remember when his daughter got that job placement or whatever you want to call it, I was mortified. I mean even I knew about the vicious rumors surrounding Weinstein.

I'm glad she got the fuck away from all that before that creep got any ideas

I have difficulty believing an adult would write like a pompous tween yet here you are.

Fact is, you're supporting an evil con man and can't find the strength of character to admit it.