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My guess, someone's got a laser pointer aimed at the wall in the direction the cat is looking, or it can see birds outside a window.

Yeah, that's their "hunting yapping" not quite sure how that works in the real world but my cats do this as well.

The "hunting yapping" is exercising/stretching the jaws so that when they get the prey they can efficiently break it's neck.

Kitty wants to murder the camera or the person holding the camera.

Whereas my cat does a full-on series of excited meows when she spots her prey, alerting them to her presence. She's adorable, but dumb as a bag of rocks.

I want sound to this. There has to be sound to this.

Kitty cat is stuttering Pussy's silent muttering Incoherent uttering Waiting to attack

Kitty cat is mesmerized Concentrating, energized Nearly almost hypnotized Cannot counteract

Needs machine gun noises


Thank you for using something other than .exe in your title. No one else seems to have creativity like this.

Mine do that too, if they spot an insect or bird they cant reach, but would like to.

I didn't read all the comments, so this is probably already said somewhere. But this is called cackling, and cats do this to try getting the attention of their prey. They are trying to attract it to them.

First time my cat did this i damn near rushed her to the vet thinking she was choking

I didn't see the source, but you can hear this too. it sounds a lot like clicking for most cats.

here are a few and it shows how some do it differently. here's one 'clicking'

these do it differently. they meow sort of

It's chirping. Some cats can chirp

Maybe she is just like "Look i'm going to kill you, but if it just happen to move somewhere else then there is nothing I could do"

I've never heard of this. I've heard cats "chirp" when they are frustrated that they can't get at their prey; for instance, when they're stuck behind a window. Cats tend to want to play with their prey for a while, not efficiently break their necks, too -- these are housecats, not lions. I think this cat is just frustrated with its owner playing "keep-away" with its toy, or teasing it with food/treats.

By the way, it's "its neck", not "it's neck".

I was expecting really bad delay on the machine gun noises but my god is the audio and visuals perfect! Once more reddit delivers. A harumph to you good sir/madam!

Or the cat is high as fuck.

It's called chattering. Nobody knows why they do it but there are a lot of theories - one of which is the exercising jaws theory. Some think it's attempting to communicate with or mimic the calls of birds. Others think it's an adrenaline reaction as their walnut brains are overloaded.

He did say that his poetry is "sort of okay"

u/gallowboob found the original, prepare to be disappointed:

I was able to find the source and oh my fucking god what's wrong with kitty?!

Saw it here

u/gallowboob found the original, prepare to be disappointed:

I was able to find the source and oh my fucking god what's wrong with kitty?!

Saw it

Set that to "Battery" by Metallica.

According to the incredible documentary Lion in Your Living Room (available on Netflix), cats make this clicking sound possibly to attract prey, or simply to imitate the sounds we make around them. (They're not really sure)

Ha!!! Thank you, that's all I needed for today.

It's called chattering.

My one cat clicks/chirps at toys and birds, and also in reply to my other cat when he meows at her, usually before one starts chasing the other, so I've always figured it was just a noise of excitement

The second one is what my cats do. Sounds like they're trying to talk.

The owner's snort absolutely distracts me from the rest of the video


My cat chatters when he sees birds, it cracks me up. It’s a noise I️ only hear when he’s outside and birds fly overhead or are sitting in a tree nearby.

Yes. Slightly disappointed. But it's a cat so that makes up for it.

Not a total cat-astrophe!

sounds like this.

Probably this which