Memories 😂

Memories 😂

That level of sophistication tho 🙌

"Are you a homo sapian?"


"HAHA you're not human!"

I aggressively respect you😤😤 hope you have a good night, nigga

I always go with the “is that what they call people Who’ve fucked your mom? Gay? Shit bro half our class is gay then yo”

This is the type of comment I come up with days later when I’m replaying the conversation in my head.



My best friend and I used to call each other “gay 5” since the fifth definition in my dictionary was the homo one

“Whatever man you’re still gay.”

Its like they learned about the theory of relativity all within 2 seconds

Happy sucking dick maybe

Did you not know that? Remember the Flintstones? "We'll have a gay old time."

Together y'all gay 10

Flintstones is a classic, guy. I'm nowhere near 47 and I know about old cartoons. You don't have to be alive when stuff first comes out to know about it.

Seriously though, if you only mess with new stuff, you really should check out some old shows you're not used to. They had some good shit back in the day.

That's awesome. Kids are so cool

Lmao I wish I used this line back then.