Members of the Harlem Globetrotters show a kid how easy it is to spin a basketball on your finger

That high five attempt tho

I love that they all broke out into the Bernie Lean to celebrate.

I love it. He was so excited and surprised he couldn't do a basic gesture.

The high five at the end was the closure I needed.

I preferred to watch them play basketball.

The kid looked like Kermit when he runs or gets upset.

I used to love watching these guys growing up

Man the globetrotters are just the best.

I thought the way they seamlessly transitioned into a dance made up for it.

This sub could literally just be gifs of the Harlem Globetrotters and it honestly might get more wholesome. The globetrotters are awesome!

i just spit coffee all over my newborn

The way he joins in is so great.

He must be at that age where you can just do that and not get hung up on what the rest of the class thinks. Or maybe the Globetrotters have just done such a good job at making him feel awesome that he went with it. Judging by how cool they are on Futurama, it honestly could be either one.

I've seen that kid dab when he was younger...

I've seen that kid dab when he was younger...

Dad, go away.

That /sub/mademesmile

It's a boil!

Is that Minkus?

Every time I've seen the Harlem Globetrotters, they've done nothing but made people smile.

...And they always seem to win. ;)

As a Washington Generals fan they’ve never made me smile.



That is not very wholesome my friend

At first I thought you meant Bernie Sanders, then I realized the movie Weekend at Bernie's. I'm a little slow today.

Not just rehearsed. Pre-rehearsed. That’s, like, so rehearsed.




I thought the Generals were due! sob

You're right, didn't see what sub I was posting in. I'll leave it, I was light-heartedly making a smart-ass remark.

Knew what this was before opening it.

Still made me laugh.

That will never not make me laugh.

That dance is a great way to get kids to shake off excitement and re-concentrate. Watch how he is way more with it afterward. Cool tool for gym teachers and such

Is this what happy people look like?

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LPT: instead of shaking children, teach them to shake themselves.


I love the Globetrotters. So much fun.

That game was fixed. They were using a freakin' ladder for God sakes.

That was really funny. Like, seriously, that was great.

Overused comment

Ditto. The look on that kids face is priceless.

Have an upvote anyway 'cause it's okay to make mistakes :)

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Or just not everyone grows up caring what others think, no matter the age.

I hope you find happiness like this too internet stranger!

Last year, my kids got me Globetrotter tickets as a Christmas present. It included the pre show/game that includes where they will do this to you. Every person who is there can. It was amazing. I was not the only "old person" there enjoying himself either. All of the players were super friendly and took hundreds of pictures with us (all the guests). One of my new "treasures" is a game ball signed by every player. Bonus part of the preshow thing (extra cost) is you have a line probably no more than 6 people deep for this.

Highly enjoyable. It's not amazing basketball, but it's a basketball show. I grinned like a little kid for an hour.

This is so great! We had a Harlem Globetrotter come to my school in third grade and I got pick and he spun a basketball on the end of a spoon that was in my mouth. One of my favorite memories.

My "vicarious joy" meter has hit its all time limit. Thank you for this amazing share!

I know that was making me nervous...

Saw the globetrotters last month with my kids. They were great. They must do hundreds of shows a year, but not once did they seem jaded or unenthusiastic. They all seemed genuinely happy to be doing the ball spin trick for 285th time that day.

That's cute :) he was soo excited he couldn't high-five. I love seeing so much joy on so many faces.

There are lady Globetrotters?? I had no idea! That's awesome!

Either they are really short or that's one tall fucking kid!


Well Bernie Sanders is known to down a bottle of Robitussin or two at parties so you're not wrong.

If there is a heaven and if there is any group that will go there en'mass, it is the Globetrotters. Always positive and kid-centric.

for those who don't know

That was so white.

Source : am white.

Fucking lol. I thought the same thing.

Under-used comment

And he is gone again.

Why does everything have to be marred by this. What about this gif makes me think about race/ racism.... hmmm, nothing.

The boy turns around after getting the back of his head high-fived.

Good luck getting it spinning and balanced on your finger by yourself. You sit on a throne of lies.