check the rules, we don't allow this junk anymore

Im calling the police

I mean, they did give that little caveat of "we may get bored and stop enforcing it after a few months."

Oh no

Oh................ well it was fun while it lasted.

Guys this may be a real one if it’s here

The bot is dead, rules don’t matter, anarchy reigns

U P V O T E // M E M E // D E T E C T

But how?

Arrest this man!

My as

That was great couple of weeks.

oh no not again

Upvote my as

sigh. It was nice having a few weeks of actually funny memes.

McDonald's Police Services ®

The second coming of the upvote meme has begun!


I'm calling the president, someone get Mr. Luigi on the phone

Ooops sorry man I missed the word "Upvote" in the meme my bad