But he was a carpenter

Why do people use hashtags like #this?

It's a parody account


It's a meme you dip

But he was a carpenter so technically...

I thought he was an architect previous to his career as a prophet

Because #hashbrowns are #good #for your low selfesteem #.

That's a relief. It is pretty hard to tell these days.

He was also a healer and a demi-alien.

A N G E R Y 😠

I'm so dumb

It's a satirical parody account.

He seems #cross

This banged about 3 months ago

Nailed it

All of the sudden i found myself in love with the world, So there was only one thing i could do was ding a ding dang my dangalong linglong

Parody account


# is used for headers in markdown. Escape with \ too, thanks

me too thanks :(