it's 4⃣2⃣0⃣ today😳😱but I'm not smoking weed🌿🍁😴😏🚬I'm smoking💨😜the bible😇😋🙏🏽📕because heaven⬆️😍👐🏽😂is the highest you can get🙌🏽😤. Happy 420

John 4:20 praise it 😩👌🔥🙏

he wouldn't have enough time to change

Why not 4:19 as the first time?

That's the joke

Yet another interpretation of the Political Compass

if it was 4:19 the first time is what i'm saying m8 was rong wit u i gotta go play roblox


4:19 is also cool, cause 4/19 is Bicycle Day, the LSD holiday.