Steve Harvey is so done that his suit changed color.

"A woman's tits!"

Steve Harvey looks into the camera dead-pan, the audience laughs for a solid 5 minutes. The board flips to reveal "breasts" as the number one answer to the survey. The audience howls in uproarious laughter for another 5 minutes. Steve Harvey then throws away his cards in feaux disbelief and walks away. The audience then run out of oxygen and everyone in the studio slowly suffocates from their own unstoppable laughing fit.

These political compass memes just keep getting weirder

No, his family came on the set to change his clothes for him in order to drive home the point that family is important to have.

Alright family, you have a chance to steal. What is a condiment that you would put on a hot dog?


I feel strongly about doggos

ha ha classic

*moral barometer

I fucking hate Steve Harvey. It's one of the few things I feel very strongly about.

" I don't wanna host this show no more" - Steve Harvey

Oh man when I see Harvey the only thing that calms me down is doggos, puppers, and the rising against the bourgeoisie.

Top left: glorious communism, where we all work together to make everyone's wishes come true

Bottom left: libertarian socialism, where we spend our days pondering the deepest, existential questions of life

Top right: authoritarian capitalism, where white men enforce traditional family values

Bottom right: libertarian capitalism, where we are all isolated individuals constantly in competition with one another

Sounds like your moral barometer isn't in check

over exaggerated expression

Small if false




Comrade too thanks

that print is way too small for that price

He just sucks

Cherry Coke!

wait, no


Translation: Good, a NSW-er (New South Waleser)

Very brave opinion here on Reddit.


Did he come to your school too?

me too thanks

I want this so bad. Not only is it a stupid photoshop, but the presentation is so bad as the picture is only 3" on the shirt.

But his woman stayed in the kitchen because that's where she belongs

That made me laugh more than I have in a long time haha holy shit the editing is on point

I usually just walk away...