they actually posted this, i can confirm this is no bamboozle

How come Wendy's target audience is solely comprised of me_irl subscribers now?

yeah here's the link:

This twitter account is one of the few reasons I get up every morning

Because everyone is me_irl. You are me_irl, I am me_irl, Wendy's IS me_irl.

wendy's social media manager definitely browses these lands

Maybe they were just too far ahead of their time with post-post-ironic meming

Hi, it me. Wendy's social media manager.

Me too thanks

Did you seriously just fucking typed the year as 2,017?

Most difficult choice in my life. Who do I listen to

Wendy's is getting some great publicity.

Maybe I'll go eat there next week.

wendy's twitter is the meme god.

2,017's light shines upon the face of whoever runs that account, and with it reflects upon our future.


edit: sub is public now; shitpost away!

Why did you break up with Game Grumps?

Yeah its the 2,017th year of the earth being alive


@Wendy's obviously

Me too thanks

Wendy's is no longer an angsty teen. They've learned how the internet works now from me_irl


Holy shit. I was 100% certain it was faked o.O

Wendy too thanks

y r u the way u r?

Happy Birthday, Earth Jesus!

honestly i felt like thats what it was trying to do, at least with the specific one in op's screenshot, the problem is i dont think the other ones were executed in irony at all which kind of kills my first theory lmao


Jon Tron sucks, new guy is better

Finally, this sub can stop being 9gag. Maybe Wendy's will give us a free frosty if we stop. Can someone ask Wendy's please?

Based Wendy's doesn't play.

Dude whoever is running the social media outreach must be getting insane bonuses.


The other reason is Denny's

NGL this social media advertising is totally working on me. I think I'll switch from mcdonalds to wendy's

They have a good advertising campaign with this. Nothing wrong with sharing advertising if it's fun

Because they have adapted with their advertising really well. I mean, yeah, it's advertising but if they at least make my day better, it's worth it.

Not like I can easily access Wendy's though.


he cracked, he just couldn't take it anymore :/

We like our tweets the same way we like to make hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.

I can see why.

And the only reason IS YOUUUUUUU!


Sounds like a dream job, lol.

Yeah but at least it's funny /sub/hailcorporate material

A splendid piece of detective work sir.


Luckily they had a response to that too.

Nah large companies are hiring people to interact with customers like this now.


AMA Request: Wendy's Social media person

It's worth it. Still fast food, but the quality difference is noticeable.

It's smart too. You really don't need to hire that many people, and it can have a pretty huge effect. I can get behind this trend

Hey Wendy social can u hire Arin hansome to advertise your burgers?

You shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition at.

Whoever is in charge of Wendys twitter is definitely a Redditor

Well normally I would be pretty cynical and anti-corporate about that but in this case it would be because they're doing a good job.


hey its me ur social media manager

It still seems like awfully /sub/hailcorporate material

The Wendy's social media manager sure does love getting involved with /sub/me_irl

Except there's no ethical consumption inter capitalism

Wendy is obviously a staunch Marxist. Look at the red hair, pal. , thanks

Me too. The baconator was rlly good.

Me oof, thanks.

Somebody was definitely just hired at Wendy's and told the execs "Listen, you can't keep trying to reach people through shitty memes. There's a better way." That person was then promoted and now browses Me_irl to figure out what the people want.


How can I trust anything in these post-bamboozle times?

No it's not. You're so dumb

John is a racist, backstabbing bird, who uses the actor Timothy Brentwood to portray a loveable fat man as a front.

I was curious, so I googled and found this

"Most authorities, including The Associated Press Stylebook and The Chicago Manual of Style, reco...

But this doesn't necessarily mean you cant do it though...stylistically I like it though.

Me too thanks

W E N D Y ' S








There is: /sub/me_irl

Spicy chickens all day long Breh

Are there any other me_irls I should know about?

thanks me to


The memes have that effect on some people

Getting paid to post on the Internet. Taking it easy for us sinners

be chill. you get the freshest beef, dankest memes, and brutal savagery. you can splurge for a frosty.

Getting paid to browse me_irl? /sub/absolutelynotmeirl

What a time to be alive

If this is a serious question then it's because prepositions are used to connect a verb, noun, or adjective to a pronoun or a noun. So generally, if you end a sentence on a preposition, there's a way to restructure the sentence that makes it sound better.

It's okay to end a sentence on a preposition sometimes though.

It's supposed to be about posting images, usually some sort of awkward moment, or a feeling that isn't usually shared in day to day life but that other people can relate to. It's a pretty good premise, but the sub has devolved into a insular, self referential, meme-y clique that has basically become a sub about itself.


Hail corporate is just a compilation of hailing corporate. If I wasn't subbed to that sub I'd see a lot less ads. I mean Wendy's #2 thanks

They were on front page of /sub/2007scape 3 times

Damn shame

Nice to meet you, oof. I'm Dad.



Sounds like something a member of the oppressive bourgeoisie class would say to trick us


To change who I used to be! (me_irl)

and the reason is you(irl)


Whoever is running that Wendy's twitter account is on top of their game.

I agree I hate Wednesdays

How does one even eat like a boss? On a 2 hour lunch break?