Meghan Markle describes Prince Harry's proposal

The fact that they met on a blind date is crazy to me. Even princes have to look themselves in the mirror everyone once in a while and give themselves the pre-blind date pep talk.

No matter how cringy or weird the setup to these proposal stories are I will always get butterflies hearing two people share their memories of a moment so special to both of them

Damn, Harry went from the awkward ginger kid to grade A fucking stud in no time.

Them- "we were roasting chicken"

Me- "awwwwwwww, that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard!"

How exactly does someone say "I've got you a date with a prince" and still call it a blind date?

Roasting chickens is a metaphor, they were def bumpin

Guy was always in the news for picking up women, been doing pretty well for himself for years I think. Could have been the prince factor though.

I wonder what constitutes a cottage to him? 4000 sq ft. on 25 acres?

I don't think you have to declare that before the date. It's not royal law or anything.

But tbf, marrying into the royal family is basically letting your entire life up to that point go

She's shut down her blog and will likely stop acting altogether because the expectations of her from the royal family and country as a whole change that much overnight.

I can say I sure as hell wouldnt want to do it.

Feels fake and real at the same time.

They're probably truly in love with each other but there's probably a lot of pressure to show the world how much in love you are with each other.

“Megan you know who he is but I will not ruin the surprise. Have fun!”

I mean he's not ugly, but rule 1 and 2 don't apply when you are a prince with shitloads of money.

Markle is a Catholic raised American actress with no real ties to nobility and came from an upper middle class background.

I can't really stress how huge of a deal it is that she's marrying one of the most prominent monarchs. Only 40 years ago this would have not been allowed.

Even now she has to convert to the Church of England before the wedding. These traditions might be unpopular on reddit but the Monarchy and many people in the country take them extremely seriously.

To give you an example, people keep pointing out that she's half Black and will be the first mixed race royal like it's a big deal. That's not really a big deal. The fact that she was a practicing Catholic though is an absolutely massive deal and challenges 500 years of royal tradition and legality. She wouldn't be allowed to marry if she refused to convert to Protestant.

There's still a ton of social and legal pressure around royal marriages. Harry couldn't just have turned up with some Islamic meth head trans person and have his marriage accepted.

I wondered too. It's actually surprisingly more cottagelike than you would think.

Yeah I get that it sounds prettt silly, but imagine having to give up your entire career and everything you had worked for up to that point, just to be allowed to marry someone you loved.

A lot easier said than done im sure

She belongs with Mike.

No thanks.

Source: Am Irish.

Well, trying to.

Seeing them together feels right.

He'll treat you like a Princess.

Marry you off to some uggo to form an alliance.

what a time to be alive, people roasting chickens and such....

She definately wont be acting anymore I feel

"This guy'll treat you like royalty"

Be grateful that you're not the successor, otherwise it would be "... and then one day, the queen mother took my new, now late fiancee hunting."

Reminds me of the speech from swedish Prince Daniels dad at his wedding. Daniel isn't royalty, he ran a gym in Stockholm and he married the heir of the swedish throne, Victoria. Apparently he just phoned his dad and said "hey can I come over for dinner tonight? Want you guys to meet my new girlfriend as things are getting serious" and dad was like sure. Then when the door rang he opened it and there stands one of the most famous people in the country, an actual princess at that. And his dad was like "yeeaaah not the woman I was expecting to say the least" since his parents had no idea of the relationship and they had kept it hidden from the media as well.

She wouldn't let him finish!

There was something weird happening here...I just can't place it. Anyone else get that feeling?

Yeah he's a prince mate don't think he was too worried about her wanting him...

She looks so smitten the way she looks at him is so nice to see. I am not one for royal family shit. But this makes me really happy

He’s a talker. Now bring me one of those chickens.

And how fat is that royal ass

Suits should have quit Suits after season 1. Season 1 was about clever legal problems and solutions. All subsequent seasons have been a soap opera of inter-office/inter-firm drama, Harvey yelling, Mike repeatedly almost getting caught, and people generally managing to get away with extremely unethical/illegal stuff via equally unethical/illegal means. It was painful to watch.

He's a fucking prince, dog.

Suits should have quit Suits in Season 5.

She probably won’t have to audition for parts any longer.

She might get a role in ‘The Crown’ season 6 👈😛👉

Exactly, his Prince -status will automatically get him laid anywhere. Who doesn't want to have sex with a royal?

Oh NO she has to stop her BLOG to become ROYALTY what a sacrifice

Harry. His name is Harry.

It's even in the title!

His brother used to be the handsome one. Somehow they flipped.

How rich is her family tho

If you ask me, a cottage should be out in the middle of nowhere.

His brother now looks like the Spitting Image puppet of their father, but without the wig.

👉😎👉 Zoop!

Is that the lady from suits?

The point is that neither of them know who they’re meeting ahead of time

yes! I wonder if it's just the awkwardness of performing your relationship for the world stage, but there's something off. I mean...all the royals give me that vibe (except Diana RIP)

Why do I love it so much when royals seem to find true love? We don't even have royals in America lol

I'm sure you're getting flack for this, but I see your point. Most people don't have to sacrifice everything in order to get married.

(Of course, there are a literal shit ton of worse things that could happen which would be considered life-changing events.)

It just shows that they have a great relationship and maybe are really in love.

My engagement story is so boring to tell and I can see people's reactions like "that's it?" when I tell them, but it was so meaningful to us that it still makes me all fluttery.

Read the declaration from prince Harry's covenant. It says the queen was informed, while the bride to be's family was sought for. Intentional wording there

The way she looks at him, then quickly looks away like a shy first love type thing is the cutest god damn thing

You’re goddamn right

Lol I’m so alone.

If someone I knew said they went on a date with a prince. Id tell them Nigerians don't have a monarchy

I keep hearing this and wondering why it would matter in a country where the church was founded on the principle of being able to get a divorce.

Swedish you say?

She already retired, quit Suits, sold her apartment in Toronto and moved to England full time.

Or maybe they love each other AND have to put on a show about the super-stereotypical love story proposal on ABC News.

And Prince whatever-his-name-is couldn't just propose to anyone. There clearly had to be approval from his family, and deep vetting before that was an option, which has to be weird as fuck as a human being.

That conspiratorial look they share - no matter how public the story becomes, that moment will only ever be for the two of them! It’s so touching!

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

People crave to be subjugated by a loving authority

Yeah this felt really off. Like they scripted it or something. Can't really put my finger on it.

Maybe he proposed after fucking her in the ass or something and they're not allowed to say that.

Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

“We were all hot and heavy ‘roasting the chicken’.”

Yea, I bet the rest of the Royal Family had some butterflies as well. Prince Philip (Played by Hugh Grant) said, "He's soiling the family pool! We cannot let this go on!"

The Royal Assassin (Played by Mark Gatiss) asked, "Shall I take care of it, Marm? The rate of vehicular accidents in America is quite unfortunate. Accidents do happen."

The Queen (Played by Helen Mirren): "Has it come to this? <long dramatic pause for BBC effect> So be it. Make sure not a hair is harmed on my grandson."

Prime Minister (Tilda Swinton): " If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well. It were done quickly."

The Queen: "Oh, shut up, Theresa."

Something something every chicken in the place

There's no reason to complain about the royal family costing you your tax money, they're a net profit to the economy.

He was young, his mother died when he was just a boy, he lived his life in a fish bowl and constantly hounded by the press (arguably the cause and reason why his mother is no longer with us) if that's not enough reason to rebel I don't know what is.

He also served our country in the war in Afghanistan (and had to leave his tour early because of the press revealing his approximate location, endangering both him and his squadron), created a annual sporting event for wounded war heroes which attracts millions of visitors and viewers every year as well as being a patron for many different charities in the UK.

I think the media portrayed him as a 'jerk' but I wouldn't wish for his life or the expectation and interference that comes with it..... But I'd take his missus tho, congrats Henry.

Didn't he used to use the line want to come back to my palace? I mean, literally anything works for him.

"that's it?"

Or "Do you want to see the Crown Jewels?"

Multi-millionaire serves country and receives benefit equal to all other service persons from the government while his family brings 1.1 billion into the country annually.

She is also divorced.

Every fucking chicken

I got the vibe that they're trying to hide something. The way her expression was at the beginning.. Some of it seemed awkward, but I left that to the fact that I'm just watching this in gif form.. But then he said, "it was just the two of us." Sounds like they accidentally killed someone and made up the story to cover up the murder

And it’s the guy from Star Wars

So you would immediately go for any princess?

I always get a weird vibe from the royals no matter what they're doing except of course Diana. She is literally the only Royal worth being a Royal.

A bit more expensive than your average cottage though. Kensington.

I present to you, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway:

I present to you, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway:


Fortunately it is much easier to change ones religion than race

Your comment made me genuinely laugh out loud.

She quit suits.

Royals gotta royal.

Mmmm Pippa

They get people doubting the legitimacy of their relationship all the time. They probably feel like they have to prove themselves.

Idk but her new life will be about charity and looking after the commonwealth

Yeah, rich people aren't supposed to be happy and in love. Everything is politics and money. /s

According to certain parts of reddit you got a god-king now

Fo sho.

Cant have the Duchess doing nude scenes and making out with Zach Braff in some indie comedy.

And The Queen

(Long Live The Queen!)

Sure is

And the way he looks at her when she starts telling the story.

So cute.

In the real world no legit client would ever hire a law firm that changes its name as often as this one does

They always apply. The rule don't say "be physically attractive", just attractive. And let me tell ya my friend, money and fame are attractive as fuck!

Harry is the wizard.

She cannot become queen by British law she would only be a duchess. And besides the older brother would become the king.

Won't William become King and not Harry?

I think your reading to much into it. People be peoples