Meet Mona-Lisa Saperstein

She's the wooooorrrsst!

She’s missing out on one big penis.

I don't get why people dislike Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa. They seriously kill me in every scene.

That man has the largest penis I’ve ever seen.

Technically she's homeeeeeleessssss

Honestly some of the funniest lines of the show.

When Jean-Ralphio gives Ben career advice during his waxing at the mall, then he literally gets hired and fired during the credits, amazing.

I actually don’t even know if he has mumps... forgot to look. I was distracted by the largest penis I have ever seen.

Jerry has Christy Brinkley to go home to. I don’t think he cares.

Yeah that hired/fired credit scene killed me.

JR: "Whoa, hey there pretty lady do you come here often?"

Girl: "You mean my job?"

Girl: "Is this the guy that's supposed to help me with spreadsheets?"

JR: "I'll spread your sheets if you know what I'm saying".

Guy Ben keeps dicking over: "YOU'RE FIRED!!".

JR: "That was the right call, I'll see my way out".

That giant grin on Jerry’s face was fantastic.

for the longest time I thought she was just Jean-Ralphio in drag

He's probably just happy to be included.

She Violaaateeed her House arrest

Money pleeeeeasseeeee!

He's probably relieved.

If she knew how hung jerry was i bet she'd reconsider. A freak like mona lisa saperstein wont deny herself the pleasure.

Explains why Aubrey plaza made out with him so hard.

Money pleeeeeeeeese

So the woooooooooorst.

Then she ripped the hair from my b-hole.


Well they come for the laughs but stay for the dick.

Her whining is what got to me. I loved them both as characters, but I also found them a bit annoying.

*Girl: "You mean my job?" Jean-Ralphio: "Oh, sharp mouth on her also. Shut it."

I dunno he has a good sense of humour and good hair. I bet a lot of women would find that attractive.


The humor of Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa is fantastic in small doses. With the exception of the whining. The scene where they are offering the Interim Mayor Position to Dr. Saperstein sticks out. It's an over the top scene, but once Mona-Lisa starts with the "MONEY PWEEZE", it LITERALLY makes me cringe.

Jean-Ralphio getting hired and fired at the accounting firm is amazing and so underrated. It's a single take, with 1 camera, and executed perfectly. u/nighttraindan, I'd love to see a GIF of that scene, wink wink. 😉

It makes me think this was an ad lib and that was just his honest reaction.

"so I just leave the same way I came in?"

“So I just go back out the way I came in?”

I thought most people loved them as characters.

Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee plllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaasssee daddy or I’ll set fire to something

My favorite interactions of the show were between Jean Ralphio and Ron. They were just such extreme opposites it always entertained.

Jean-Ralphio and Mona Lisa might be the best siblings ever created for tv!

Rethink that move, son.

He loves inside jokes. He'd love to be apart of one, one day.

Nah, he’s not really the kind of character you want changing.

It’s nice knowing that whenever they appear in a scene, you can count on them being the worst humans ever for the duration of the scene, and everyone else has to barely tolerate them for the duration

The humor is in the idea that it’s possible for someone to be that loathesome

They did a great job casting her, too. They actually look alike.

For my geoblocked brothers and sisters


They added a lot to the show, but like you say, in small doses. But that was their role, they weren't meant to be the main characters, they were secondary characters to help progress the story and explain what is going on.

I laughed so much at them, but they could be super cringy or annoying. That doesn't mean I didn't like them though.


At this point, I would believe that Jean-Ralphio has a twin brother that drags as Mona Lisa.

Jenny Slate is the shit! Her voice acting work makes watching movies with my kids bearable. Jenny, if you're out these somewhere on Reddit, you're doing the Lord's work.
Meet Jean-Ralphio's Sister

Full Scene

I think they come for the dick iykwim.

Fun fact: Jean-Ralphio was going to be a main character. He was originally planned to be Leslie’s love interest.

I need the gif with Andy on the bus handing out code names and when he gets to Ben, Ben just says “Oh thank God”. I’m pretty sure that’s what Jerry is thinking

Would explain how hot Gail is.

Plus Gary is the best

-holds hands out squeezing air-

"Tom, who is this...person."

still not sure if the weird way she says "would hit" @Ron means she almost wouldn't but good enough or she totally, absolutely would, and that is the face she'd make.

for fun's sake I'm going with the second one

My favorite part or the scene is how happy Chris is after Andy says "If I had to pick a dude".

Yeah, they are fun on the show. A nightmare to know someone like that, but makes for good tv.

“That makes sense”

She once jumped out of a moving car to buy a Nicki Minaj poster.

Who’s Gary? Do you mean Larry?

Who’s Larry? Do you mean Terry?

I always love the very earnest follow-up to the singing where he gets a little more concerned looking with each word.

She is the worst person in the world.

Oh my. Thank you.

I feel like it would have come with a “Jean-Ralphio maturing” arc, so I can’t quite say if I would have liked it or not.

That lucky bastard

I love how Jerry was just so thrilled to be included that he didn't mind he was being dissed.

I do this to my wife regularly. It’s an inside joke at our house to obnoxiously say “MONEY PLEASE” and do the motion haha

As someone who has to deal with his girlfriend’s 5 year old OBSESSION with the new Muppet Babies cartoon, her doing the voice of Nanny pretty much does the same for me. And of course it makes me giggle just because my first thought goes to “MONEY PWEEEEASE!”

The hand gesture he makes delivering that line is perfect.

SOURCE: Season 5 Episode 16 "Bailout"

Which one?

*a part

"Apart" means "separate from"

I didn't like Jean-Ralphio the first time, on the second watch I liked him. On the third I LOVED him. Hilarious character!

I didn't like them at first. They were just too brash and over the top, and completely unbelievable as real people. Same for Craig, really. All three grew on me though. Their "Don't Be Suspicious" dance was wonderful.

Wait what?

It's best to just give her some money.

Yeah, I don't know QuickBooks are.

I always thought they were great characters (and performances), I just sometimes found them frustrating to watch.

Jenny Slate is full of comedic gold (Marcell the Shell) so I wouldn't put it past her

This made me spit my coffee out


weird relationship sometimes.

Mona-Lisa and her brother have a

For anyone not wanting to Google it like I did, she voices Dawn Bellwether, the sheep that is the Mayor's assistant.

I loooooove when they ask for money. I will go up to my wife and just say “money pleeeeeeaaaaaase!” If I need some cash.

i love ben schwartz. mafacka kills it.

People often forget the second "wooorst" where Ben just drops to the floor

Leslie: "would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it"

Because I'm open minded as heeeeellll.

That is litrally the most flattering thing he's ever heard.

If I knew someone like that I would make every effort to no longer know them.

only the best Jean Ralphio scene ever! master class!

That puts his confession to Leslie in the series finale that he’s always loved her in an interesting light.

Doing the Lord's work here, thank you.


His wife is way better than mona lisa anyway

She Lego Harley Quinn, right?

I do this with my boyfriend about pictures of our doggy if I am not home :) pictures pweeease!

No it’s after Ben gets fired from the sweetums foundation and takes the job at the accounting firm but then decides to take time off before ultimately becoming city manager when Chris and Ann leave Pawnee