Mechanical wall clock with the rotating numbers by request.

All the spinning gears are on a separate motor den the clock. So there is no way to hurt yourself.

Also looks cool, but keeps time terribly.

Eh, reviews are mixed on accuracy. I was surprised to read that all the gears are plastic!

Seeing as its likely just a giant quarts clock, accuracy lies in consistent manufacturing of the gear train. I imagine most of the clocks keep time just fine.

The worst camera work I've ever seen. How can someone screw up something so badly, op?

130 dollars. Saved you a click.

I have one of these, and never had to adjust the time, except for when the battery needed a replacement. Even then, you can just lift the large gear up and place it at the right spot.

Where can I get one?

Stores usually do

That's what happens when you won't spring for a good director and a decent steadicam rig. Little known fact: Steadicams were invented for clock exposed gear shots.

Have one as well... never put batteries in the damn thing. It's right twice a day. 6am and 6pm!

Who the fuck has D batteries layout around?

A quick Google search reveals

This camerawork grinds my gears

Well I mean if you want to keep super accurate time down to the second, use your phone. Wall clocks are like 75% decoration nowadays.

So little known in fact, that you appear to be the only person who knows this.

Get out of here troll

Just got back from The Gap. Not a single D battery.


It's made out of plastic according to another comment

If it's good material i think it's worth it, the one in the link actualy looks a bit nicer with seconds and minutes too

Edit: was incorrect it's the date it displays witch is interesting

You'd probably stop the gears if you did, it's not like the clock needs a real hefty motor.