Meanwhile back at the boat ramp...

Meanwhile back at the boat ramp...

You can tell they really fucked up because of the way it is.

Boat ramps can be comic gold. I get a cooler of beer and a chair and go down to the one at the lake here on a Saturday morning and it is just non-stop carnage. All sorts of backing disasters, boats escaping, trucks sinking, bumper forgetting, engines not cooperating. And if it is a couple the chance of divorce or breakup just quintuples the moment they pull in the place. Then later in the day it happens all over again as they try to get back on land but usually half drunk, tired, and sunburned.

Well, at least I didnt fuck up this badly today


Float off trailers require getting further in the water. I think he went a tad too far though. The truck is not supposed to be underwater.

My dad and I forgot the plug once. We launched the boat without incident and I stayed on the boat at the dock while my dad parked the truck. He got in, we untied from the dock, idled into the channel and then hit the throttle. The bow shot up, but the boat hardly moved. We looked at each other and immediately knew we forgot the plug. We turned on the bilge pump, got the boat up to speed and cruised until the bilge was nearly empty. Then I cut the power and my dad leaned over the transom and inserted the plug. Crisis averted.

That's pretty neat

The combo of forgetting both the transom straps and the plug is when you take a shot!

HAH! I first saw the trailer, and I was like, oh.. that's not bad.. happens often enough.....

That's some clear water.

Should have bought an amphibious exploring vehicle - like a range rover.

Same thing happened to my dad and I, except we crossed the bar and got about 4 miles offshore before noticing the boat was a little bit lower in the water than usual.

Flipped on the bilge pump and sure enough water came roaring out. Dad asks me with a perfectly straight face ''You did put the plugs in right?''

Me - ''I thought you did'' And that is how I came to be swimming under the transom screwing the plugs in, 4 miles out to sea in 100+ metres of water and a 1m swell. Fuck. That. Never did forget the plugs again.


In Spring the female camperback swims upriver to spawn. Nature is so majestic.

Uhh right, yeah, correct.

Wife: "Little bit more....."

Yeah he jack knifed the trailer. It's going to be hard to get out of that one.

It's a '94-'02 Dodge pickup with a camper shell.

It's a finisher car. A transporter of golden gods.

Just try to imagine what it's like, your standing on the shore of the beach and a 10cm wave breaks over your ankles. Yep, it's 10 times worse than that.

god daaaaaaaamm dude. 1m swell? that mustve been scary. sounds like it would put hair on your chest, if you know what i mean.

One time when I was probably 14 or 15, my neighbor came over to invite us out on his boat. He bought it about five years earlier, and he could count the number of times he had taken it out on one hand, so he wanted an excuse to get it on the water.

We headed out to the boat ramp, and when we got there, we did all the preparation and got the boat lined up to launch. My dumbass neighbor unhooked the clip from the D-ring on the front of the boat before he backed down. About halfway through backing down the ramp, he stopped suddenly for reasons unknown and his pristine 16 foot Pro Line center console slid off the trailer and bounced down the ramp. It slid off the trailer so easily because it had hardly been used, so the fiberglass was still extremely slick. It stopped once the back half of the boat started floating, leaving it half-beached on the ramp.

We took it back out of the water and a significant portion of the bottom of the transom had been ground off.

It turns out my neighbor wasn't just a dumbass at the ramp. After deciding the boat was still water tight and sea worthy, we decided to cruise the beach for a while. We headed towards the jetties. Anyone who has been on a boat leaving the harbour knows the jetties are not home to the calmest seas, and our trip was no exception. SOP in that situation is to trim the boat up (raise the bow by changing the pitch of the motor for you non mariners) and stay on the power. My neighbor did the exact opposite. He had the trim all the way down, and every time we crested a wave, he would just go ohshitohshitohshit and cut the power. This caused the bow to drop rapidly, which turned it into more or less a water shovel, scooping up the next wave. Rinse and repeat about ten times.

Even though it was a beautiful day and outside the jetties, the seas were a very tolerable 2-3 feet, he deemed the trip too hazardous to continue. I wanted to take the helm because even though I was a quarter his age, at least I knew how to pilot a fucking boat. I held my tongue and we ended up just cruising the river instead.

I took off across the lake without mine in. Didn't notice until I stopped about 30 minutes later. Turns out you don't take on hardly any water when you're moving fast. Also learned to keep an extra plug on board that day....

Boat can handle being submerged better than the truck, and the trailer would float with the boat so you would likely only have submerged the bow where there is little wiring or electronics to worry about.

And because of the family singing "We all live in a Volvo submarine"

Well, that'll ruin your whole day. At least the boat wasn't still strapped down to the trailer.

me too thanks

Pretty sure OP took this photo from my friend who posted this on FB the other day, pic was taken in Sitka Alaska.


Pretty sure OP took this photo from my friend who posted this on FB the other day, pic was taken in Sitka Alaska.


Nature is so neat..

It's only 5:30am here. I've got a lot of not fucking up ahead of me today.

It really is.

My dad has had boats his whole life and can back up, put a boat in the water, and tie it to the dock on his own with one hand behind his back. As a kid, on busy days at the dock, it was fun to watch the people in line ahead of us fumble, fall in the water, lose cameras, lose lunch, and even lose loose boats, then my dad comes along and floats the boat out there with no problems. More than once strangers asked him to do it for them.

My dad went up fishing with his friend. They drove up a winding, bumpy road with the boat on the trailer. My dad gets out at the lake to give the friend direction on backing up. Looks at the trailer... NO BOAT!!

The friend shit his pants, they scrambled back down the road and found it lying in the middle of the road.

Oh is that dennis' new amphibious vehicle?

The city of Utrecht in the Netherlands has several canals. Motorboat tourists tour the canals to visit the old center of Utrecht. One of the canals has a tunnel and at the end a 90 degree turn. There are big signs and mirrors and signals to warn the captains of the motor boats.

Since most captains are amateurs, they fail to make the turn, screaming at their wives and bumping into the wall, often bumping into the mirrors or signs.

Someone had the brilliant idea to open a terrace at the end of the tunnel and serve drinks. During the summer it is packed with locals, drinking and cheering the captains and their wives.

Best days of a boat owner's life:

The day he buys the boat.

They day he sells the boat.


Could also be the tide, we don't know.

Volo never made any cars.

I have just realized I am not a boat man

Most of the time you actually drop water while moving fast, and getting up on step is easier than bailing.

Some guy was having trouble at the launch, must of went back and forth on the ramp 10 times before my dad asked if he needed help. Guy said no, and proceeded to take a good 20 minutes more to finally back it in and get the boat on. Then pulling out, he forgot to connect the safety chain and latch the winch. He made it about 20 feet out of the lake before dumping his boat onto the concrete.

Could have just taken the help. My dad and I can clear a ramp in under a minute, although the one time we managed that there was impending severe weather (as in hail hit not more than 10 seconds after I got into the truck).

🎶 Like a rock! It just sits there.

Like a rock! It don't go nowhere.

Ohhhh, like a rock 🎶

Looks like he didn't back in but drove in Forwards and then tried to turn around.

Starter Car? Starter Car?

This is a finisher car!

Then I saw the red whale and I was like oh, they better be careful!

Did you sink the whole truck? No? You kick ass.

Haha which part? Punt = small aluminium boat, old mans is like ~3m The plane = sitting on top of the water, a lot of the boat out of it

Swell I meant to say wake but pretty much same thing, both involve waves. Wake is the waves made behind a boat when it motors forward, no wake zones are areas where boats must stay below a certain speed, normally 5 nautical miles, and must produce as little wake as possible. Swell are waves at the beach. Bit tired so got my words mixed up.

Yep. Old man has a flat bottom punt and a big arse boat came past in a no swell zone launching fuck ton of it. We were going the opposite direction and a duck ton of water came in. Got out of the no swell zone, put it up on the plane and took a bung out. Kept going till the water was pretty much all out and put the bung back in.

I'm thinking this was a combo of fuck-ups: The guy somehow manages to get his truck/trailer in that awkward jack-knife position, then goes to get help or something as the tide comes in and makes everything a whole hell of a lot worse.

It's on a ramp, deattach the trailer from the car and push it up the ramp. They are designed to be pushed even with a small boat on.