Meanwhile at the border...

Meanwhile at the border...

Sued by Civil Rights division of DOJ for not renting to blacks.

Attacked a Muslim Gold Star family (and asked whether wife was "allowed" to speak).

Claimed Central Park Five were guilty, despite DNA evidence exonerating them (also, in 1989 he took out a full-page ad about the 5 boys and called for New York to bring back the death penalty).*

Claimed federal judge was biased because of Mexican ancestry.

Failed to condemn white supremacists.

Gratuitously questioned the citizenship and religion of the first black president.

Called Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists.

Enabled policies with racist/xenophobic motivations (repealing DACA, Muslim Ban, Raise Act, etc.).

Pardoned Joe Arpaio after he was convicted of criminal contempt of court for disobeying a federal judge's order to stop racial profiling in detaining individuals suspected of being in the U.S. illegally.*

Referred to Haiti and African countries as "shitholes."


*Edit: Added Central Park 5 & Joe Arpaio pardon - Anything else?

The racists are really trying to defend Trump's comment in here. Damn.


Edit: Since I keep getting responses like, "Are you trying to say Africa isn’t a shithole? If so then let me ask you this: Is it someplace you want to visit or live? If no, you’re a hypocrite. If yes, you’re delusional."


"10/10 left my hometown, but did not leave to visit shithole countries such as Haiti or Africa, as I fear for my life. Wouldn't want to get attacked by a machette, a tire on my neck with fire by a mob, or beheaded. Thanks."

(1) Africa isn't a country.

(2) Not all of Africa is a shithole, just like not all of America is paradise.

(3) "One person briefed on the meeting said when Durbin got to Haiti, Trump began to ask why we want ...

People (trolls mostly) are focusing on the 'shithole' part, where the actual issue is that Trump believes citizens of those countries are inherently unworthy of coming to America. And of course those citizens tend to have a darker skin tone, than let's say, someone from Norway.

He's got the old swatch, there's no orange on that one.

Sayeth the President of Trailer Parks

Lmao they’re not even defending his comments they’re actually just coming out and saying Africa is a shithole.

We live in interesting times.

Let's be honest here most of Africa IS a shithole, doesn't mean the people are shitty though or any less worthy of being here.

Florida is a shithole too and it's mostly white people.

You left out the central park 5 fiasco, probably the biggest indicator of his racial bias

At one point even Bill O'Reilly asked him to stop since he was putting out ridiculously fake black crime statistics.

Don't forget all the times he retweeted white supremacists.

And then the Redcaps scream "Libtards are dividing this country!"

The World is laughing at America.

Oh man, the_snowflakes are all over this thread. I think you guys might've touched a nerve. 😂

Trump sure is proving he isn't a bigot.


"He'll be presidential any day now, just you watch!"

They said a year ago

Jesus, when fucking Bill O'Reilly has to ask you to pump the brakes...

Don't forget saying 10K or so Haitianswith US visas "all have AIDS" and that 40K Nigerians would never "go back to their huts" after a visit to the US.

Though I don't think that was ever confirmed with a recording or transcript, so it totally doesn't count. Fake news.

I feel like getting lost in all this is that he is saying people from some countries don't deserve to be here because they come from shit countries.

Pantone 16-1449

They campaign and promote rape and pedophilia, fuck them.

You forgot "There are good people on both sides." (One of the sides was neo-nazis btw.)

Right? He's not simply calling the countries shitholes. He's implying the immigrants are shitholes.

We’re used to it. Well, conservative Americans aren’t but the rest of us are. They’re our drunk, bigoted, embarrassing relatives found at our family functions.

Not sure which parts of Florida you go to but lots of places white people are a minority.

Shoulda went with Alabama.

Good. It deserves it. It's good for a capitalist country to fail. Creates competition and growth.

you forgot actively supporting Birther conspiracy against first colored president of America.

And red? And pink?

All the next President has to do is speak once a month, sign a bill here and veto one there and we'll name our kids, schools, streets and parks after him and build him a monument on the moon.

Edit: Or we'll do this for Madam President.

Shithole is a pretty offensive way to put it, but it's the 'shithole' aspects of a country that people are seeking refuge from. Political persecution, famine, civil wars, ethnocide, disease epidemics and so on; if the country isn't shitty in some way, there's no need to be a refugee from it.

People think Florida and they think everywhere except Miami lol. If you live in Miami the whole “Florida Man” concept doesn’t apply to you.

It’s about civility. Everyone knows those countries are still developing, openly mocking them is just cruel. See it’s like this, we know that you’re most definitely a virgin, but nobody makes fun of you in the real world for being a virgin loser, but imagine if tomorrow everyone made fun of you for being a virgin, everyone mocked you for having no game and no capability to even get laid, that would be pretty cruel.

Pardoning Joe Arpaio...that's a pretty big one you missed

You left out retweeting the Britain First anti-Muslim fake videos.

And I would amend a few others:

Claimed to have hired a team of investigators to aggressively pursue "proof" that the first black president was fraudulent

Expressed desire to block immigration and freedom of movement between "shithole countries" like Haiti and African Countries and the United States

The United States I know is that of Emma Lazarus:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Fuck Donald Trump.

Actually most of Africa isn’t. True, many more bad places than anyone may wish for in some countries, particularly in mid-Africa. But Africa is a big, big diverse place. Get a world map.

I can understand the average redditor getting his knowledge of Africa from Family Guy or South Park, or even Fox news for the racist ones. But a president? Really?? How can someone holding in his hands the future of so many people be so incredibly ignorant?

The UN found Alabama to be worse than a third world nation so I guess the prime minister of England and leaders of other nations can say they don't want to visit Trump in America because they won't want to visit a shithole country. They'd be right too.

Johnson, he's red, what does that mean?

If his eyes are slanted, he's drunk, if not, he's one of ours, an injun I reckon

They’ve gone so far down a deep deep hole that they’ll never come out. The hole I’m referring to is trumps asshole

I’m the very top color on that and I’m from a shithole country.

Well, it IS a shithole.

That is the biggest part of the problem with Trump's comment. The US traditionally takes in people from shithole countries. The US has traditionally done extremely well by taking the people from shithols who had the fortitude to get here and start a new life.

It's not that Africa is not a shithole. It's not that huge parts of western, then eastern Europe weren't shitholes. It's not that China wasn't a shithole. They all were, and we benefited GREATLY because we offered a better home than those shitholes.

Oh, and the people benefitted as well.

"It wasn't from me, I only retweeted it!"

The fact that someone actually took the time to do this is amazing.

They on all levels are worse off than America

“Still developing,” is a really polite way to say systematically brutalized and stripped of its natural resources by Europeans.

They have internet in the trailer park?

It's good for a capitalist country to fail. Creates competition and growth.

The failure of the US would not be good for the world.


Mars is earth if you give it water, life, and an atmosphere

Yes South Africa, where the president openly sings of genocide and 25% of men are rapists by their own admission.

Nearly 50 murders are committed each day in South Africa.[105] In the year ended March 2014 there were 17,068 murders and the murder rate was 32.2 per 100,000 – about five times higher than the global average of 6 per 100,000.[106] Middle-class South Africans seek security in gated communities.[107] The private security industry in South Africa is the largest in the world,[108] with nearly 9,000 registered companies and 400,000 registered active private security guards, more than the South African police and army combined.[109] Many emigrants from South Africa also state that crime was a major factor in their decision to leave.[110] Crime against the farming community has continued to be a major problem.[111] It is estimated that 500,000 women are raped in South Africa every year[112] with the average woman more likely to be raped than complete secondary school.[113] A 2009 survey found one in four South African men admitted to raping someone[114] and another survey found one in three women out of 4000 surveyed women said they had been raped in the past year.[115] Rapes are also perpetrated by children (some as young as ten).[116] Child and baby rape incidences are some of the highest in the world, largely as a result of the virgin cleansing myth, and a number of high-profile cases (sometimes as young as eight months[116]) have outraged the nation.[117]

Not true. Not at all. My roommate in Uni in Nova Scotia was a Haitian immigrant. You racists are so full of shit.

Oh man. Right wingers trying to double down on this. I mean, why not? When you have no credibility left and are just being completely blatant with your racism these days I guess you have nothing to lose.


so why people still waving the confederate flag?

of the hypocrisy they dont want immigrants from africa cause theyre not going to build up or contribute, but they were good enough to come over as slaves to work their plantations.

It’s the Alzheimer’s. People tend to lose their inhibitions and start to say the first thing that pops into their head.

Some people make racist remarks and others make graphic sexist remarks. Others threaten violence. Etc.

"We're not the racists for saying racist shit, YOU'RE the racists for calling us out on it!"

Well it's certainly a nonsensical one.

They're near literal cancer and cancer never realizes what it is.


(And subcontinents. And continents. And religions.)

And blue?!?!?

I think it was "very fine people" on both sides.

I feel like Trump just sometimes sits in the oval office rubbing his hands together and disdainfully muttering “Fucking Muslims...God damn Africans...this is MY planet.”

Lol what? A better question is to ask if they have ever left the trailer park

What the hell is this comment?

I can't tell if it's an anti capitalist or anarcho capitalist comment

My favorite thing about these threads is laughing at all the triggered trumpets. They're sooooooooooo sensitive

Youre saying we shouldn't allow people to come to america based on where they are from. Thats the most profoundly un-American thing I've heard today. Im not surprised that it came from someone like you


Holy fuck, I am appalled by Trump’s comments but you must legitimately have a screw lose in your head if you think ANY of those countries are better places to live than the United States.

Imagine that! The president is a caricature of a human being, and jokes are made at his expense!

he is not calling the people of those countries shit

He's literally rejecting people on the basis of where they come from. Shithole is absolutely being used to judge the people in question.

The guy who set up American concentration camps. You know the last time we had concentration camps in America? Japanese internment, and it's the only thing the US has every formally apologized for

Top of the morning to you!

You're not actually serious are you?

Mali? You'd live in Mali instead of America, Canada or Australia? You must be simple.

Yes we only emigrate from places we'd call shitholes

There’s a few states in America not far from being equal shitholes.

How about you open a history book to find out how big of an idiot racist you are.


Tell that to all the racists.

Oh you haven't even seen that notorious subreddit right now. The mental gymnastics are gold medal worthy.

I hope you’re not white living in South Africa

Sounds about right. Our up and coming new immigration system.

I'm pretty sure Trump actually meant that those countries were actually shitholes, I don't think race has anything to do with it.


you might want to research what's actually happening in south Africa before packing your bags.

Yeah yeah yeah, ochre and peach and ruby and gold and some other shit.

I went to Haiti on vacation a few years ago. Granted I saw mostly the touristy parts, but I found the country beautiful and the people friendly and happy for the most part.

I'm sorry but wasn't it Miami Man that ate the other man while high on bath salts?

The highest incarceration rate is in the US, by far. Do you think that US is a shit hole? I can't ignore the fact Americans are violent, statistically.

Which one and to which chapter? Because I don't see your point

that's my favorite racist story about Trump

"looks like abundant, overwhelming evidence is proving those guys innocent"

"doesn't matter, they did it. blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacks"

Actually he didn't speak any English. I was spending a summer at l'Université Sainte-Anne in a French only program. He had also lived in Canada for most of his life so he sure as hell wasn't "educated" when he arrived here as a child. But sure continue to make wild guesses about his history while ignoring the fact that your original claim of Canada not accepting immigrants from Trump's so-called "shithole countries" was completely baseless.

May I recommend the part where America grew and prospered by admitting and embracing people from backgrounds and nations facing awful strife. Because a crap-ton of these lunatics seemed to have forgotten this.

If you’re gonna start crying for sympathy here you’re not gonna find any. Toughen the fuck up.

Never seen so many emotional Cheeto Benito brown shirts in my life.

Wait since when did the deep red south become a country!?

Lets see Nigeria South Africa Ethiopia Mali And many others

Dont forget the time he retweeted a photo with fake statistics about black people crimes

Riley put out some important points there really... trump just ate them and shat them out.

I don't think a lot of people want to come here right now.

Called black football players "sons of bitches" for the heinous crime of kneeling.

There’s places you can go to seek help with your anger, I can get a few numbers for you.

Nope, we said that we'd fight your kind until the very end. And it seems the end is near for your party.

Believe it or not, a world leading newspaper with dozens of accolades has a far better reputation than "SkiMaskTheTrumpGod"

Kind of sad you have to resort to these kind of attacks against whole peoples just to feel good about yourself

Lemme guess, you consider yourself very high iq, just you don't feel like achieving like much?

2044 we are supposed to become a country where whites are the minority. LOL

Take that trumptards!