me irl

me irl

The round was won fair and square.

Isnt it a ps4

Fair and rectangle*

I love english, one curly boy changes the whole sentence

what copypasta this juste came straight outta me mind

I love this copypasta.

I love this copypasta

Fair and rectangular*

Isnt it a ps4

What ps4 this juste came straight outta me copypasta

Fair and cuboid*

It's a cuboid my dudes

Fair and prismatic*

oh no they'll get bacteria on their cheese

Only a nerd would know that; you nerd

quadrilaterum rectangulum, aequum et scabra*


The preferred term is “Cuban American” thanks

Fair and rectangular prismatic*

I love this copypasta

Image Transcription:

[a picture of broken knife on top of rectangular cheese.]

There is text at the top saying "you win this round cheese." At the bottom of the image is text saying "Actually that is a rectangle cheese"

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Context too, some people have weird kinks

mmmm, cathedral city

That sentence, however, should have a comma.

I think he means the parent comment

I love english; one curly boy changes the whole sentence

Top 10 anime plot twists


It always grosses me out how in this pic they've placed the cheese on top of the empty packet to cut it. That shit is not sanitary my dudes

Who the fuck cuts cheese like that?!

Slices you animal!

Hijacking top comment ━╤デ╦︻(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)

rectangular prism cheese

I love this copypasta


How cultured do you have to be before people mistake you for cheese?

"cheesy tactics"


Good human

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Me too, thanks.

Looks like it

oh no

I copypasta this PS4

So you’re telling me that 5 days from now you’ll have spent a year on reddit, and you still don’t understand the comment culture around here?

Commas matter. Commas, matter.

I love this copypasta.

prolly making cheese cubes

Full tang is where it's at.

I love this copypasta.

Actually it's an anime rectangle

That's cheddar btw, dunno how you can call that fake cheese. You're just jealous because your most famous cheese is babybel.

Latin Latin Latin, Latin Greek Cheese

Me too, thanks

squares are rectangles

I love THIS copypasta.

Good bot.

Me too, thanks

No it isn't

you win this round; chesse

you win; this round cheese

you; win this round chesse

you win this; round cheese

actually; that is a rectangle cheese

actually that is; a rectangle cheese

actually that is a rectangle; cheese

actually that; is a rectangle cheese

actually that is a; rectangle cheese

Have mercy

Haha me too, thanks

I’m so confused