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me irl

fuckin LA Beast is the best, man

Your welcome.

my welcome

Have a good day

This dude's like Guy Fieri. People can hate on him all they want, but this dude just loves life so much it's infectious.

🎶 Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh 🎶

our welcome

Dude was the reason crystal Pepsi got brought back as far as I know.

20 years of the plastic leeching into the soda is likely why he threw up. It's not a problem from day to day, but after 20 years? look out



Nuka Colas are in glass bottled and they last for 100's of years. Duh.

Nah, listen to the thunk it makes when he sets it down. That's glass.

Not the best idea to drink out of a plastic container. If you're going to do this, find a glass bottle.

It's not plastic.

Damn 2013

Dude must've been stoked when Pepsi actually brought Crystal back.


He started the whole campaign to get it back.. This video is what sparked it all