me irl

me irl
me irl

Twitter people are so easy to bamboozle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

How tf am I supposed to retweet a reddit post.

If big, true.

No one tell them

-Russian trolls, probably.

I like how the new upvote meme is addressing people thought the Twitter bot so it has to get upvotes

Raise awareness for the importance of net neutrality is my guess. I have bet 50,000$ on this guess so I better be right. If I’m wrong my son will have to sell a kidney to attend college.

Why not just donate the $50,000?

True big if




Using Myspace

No you’re right. I’m just lazy. I saw it thought about fixing it, and then decided that my time would be better spent sharpening the knife that removes my son’s kidney.

Tf brue, iig

If true big

remember to screenshot when he uploads it, the bot deleted the last one :(

You me a metoo thanks buddy


There's a Twitter bot that steals the top posts here. This has nothing to do with upvotes

Or, ya know

boolean this = big;

Oh, my bad. Didn't realize you were preoccupied with something as important as that.

I believe the dollar sign goes in front of the 50,000. Unless I am uncultured and you are from a different country other then our big country of fat people.

ft iuer, gib

It's to trick the Twitter bot into posting it to bankrupt the guy running the bot

Too soon.

I didn't know how to retweet this so I upvoted instead. Did I do good?

No Bamboozles

Is this the new thing we are doing?