me irl

me irl

gets a job - /sub/absolutelynotmeirl

You're fired.

the story is ruined because he is called "Boss" before he gives him the job. 2/7

Technically the man is the boss regardless of whether or not the other person is hired or not. Just a perspective

The switch of the spelling is meant to show the change in tone. I mean me too thanks.

listen here buddy,

yaaas, it worked for you!!

it works- /sub/absolutelynotmeirl

you must be new

I suppose this way you can have a perfect 5/7

Please decide whether to use you or u in one(1) meme thank u

Breaking news: We heard it here first - dancing hot dog lands jobs for two upstart redditors!!

Top 10 anime comebacks

ok mr "I bust out a technicality in me_irl", i may not have have job but at least im not a fkn nerd u fkn nerd

That's too advanced for me. Please stick to one tone memes. Me too thanks

Plot twist: you pointed it out first. LOL

this guy fucks memes

listen here buddy