me irl

me irl

Very subtle, I like it. Updooted

It says "Samsung" on top of the handle

gotta admit, I upvoted this before I saw that detail. I was like "oh look, an image. How neat". I should be studying for my exams next week. please help

thats pretty grate


Thanks do you wanna hang out with me

theres a really stupid trend going on that shouldn't of been a trend in the first place that involves putting the nintendo logo on things that arent even nintendo.

im sorry for ruining me irl

edit: spelling because im fucking dumb

Did Nintendo make this?

This is funnier than the post itself

should've of

My guy you were so close

I still don't get it. I know it says Nintendo on the handle. What does that mean though?

What does that have to do with their recent products? Something about BoTW? The Switch? 2DS XL? 3DS XL?


no stop

pretty grate


'shouldn't of' still isn't correct my dude

All I can do is provide moral support, see if this helps:

You can do it! I believe in you! You'll do great!

Do you see the logo?

Keep going


I dont get it


I don't understand but I'll upvote anyways

I've only heard about that reference, and I'm still noping.

*Notices your reference to every furry's innate, irrational fear*



get shredded

Can I come too


It's Nintendo's new product. See the logo?


I think ur grate

Goodness, watch your language!

The background is wonderful. Where did you find it?

Only if we go to the mall for slushies and a movie.

god fuck its 12 am give me a break

Doot Doot! I am a spoopy doot-bot, pls updoot as I need calcium to survive.

you too thanks

As a furry I'm perturbed

Aren't you the one he's agreeing to hang out with

This is the only one of these I will ever updoot. Okay OP? This is the only good example of this "meme".

oh you poor innocent child

what's this?

No one loves Milhouse!