me irl

me irl

me 2 metres thanks

MRW I'm in public and my balls are stuck to my leg


Im 6'4" and my legs are not that long

Nintendo would actually make this game before giving Waluigi his own game.

are they even longer?

it's-a me_irl

l o n g b o y e








As much as I hate it when people say this, the real me_irl truly IS always in the comments

No, because that almost never happens. My dad is 6'3", my mom is 5'10", and I don't have any friends 🙃


ahh shoot I thought it was real

I'm 6'4" rower for UC Davis don't even talk to me you 5'4" shrimp

I'm 6'5" and I hate every second of it~

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ok but with legs that long, you could easily make a Waluigi retexture

too bad you're d2

ill be your friend

Looks like Waluigi’s lanky ass

Don't you hate everyone constantly asking you to get shit for them


If this was Ubisoft they'd sell the retexture separately for $15.99

Me too thanks

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

I usually leave them there. It feels nice to be touched

me too plus too thanks

It comes with free back and knee problems at a much younger age than usual.

Along with the 2nd part of the story

Me too thanks



Dangit, I'm 6'3". I guess you're just a bit taller than me.


me three thanks

Aw ty. I honestly don't look that good in trunks but I've been working on my bod. I'd like to see you swim too

it's a me too thanks

closest ive been to being 6'4'' was when I had an afro in freshman/sophmore year

me too thanks

So you'd be 63 bit and he'd be 64bit and id be 65bit. We are Mario brothers. Forget luigi.

I would kill to be your height.

Your opinion doesn't matter since you're not a pro, coach, or analyst.

the super high stakes world of school sports games

L o n g b o y e o n g b o y e