me irl

me irl


Only 12 comments because this hits too close to home.

I'm sorry Tom Hanks

Y'all mind if I


From: Me

To: T.Hanks



Top 10 Anime Saddest Moments

Father is trying to live and correct his failed past through me except I'm an even bigger failure.

We should send this to Rep Scalise






A League Of Their Own is such a wonderful movie

i'm sorry dad

That's what grandkids are for, keep the hope alive

ITT people who didn't see A League of Their Own



I'm sorry Otm Shank

The real me_irl is always in the comments.


But if he's too much of a failure there will be no grandkids

I cried once in baseball. It was when we put our hands in one last time my senior year of high school, after my last game ever. Me and a couple other seniors got teared up.

I mean me too, thanks.


Fucking savage

for all n∈ℤ


Anyone ever tell you you look like a penis with a little hat on?

Can't apologize to someone I've never met

for all n∈ℤ ∀ n ∈ ℤ


And also the title.

Yeah, came to here to say this cleared the room out



Ideally you should be hitting on home...

This comment is too wholesome for /sub/me_irl

"Avoid the clap"

Jimmy Dugan


Me trunks thanks